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You forgot to say if placed at the bottom of a door, if it will act as a decent doorstop. That's a comparison that needs to be done so that it can argued that the MD20 has ALL the features of the competition.

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Hmmm.... by golly you're right.



Ok... No, I don't think the MDArms drum would make a decent doorstop unless you load nothing but slugs to increase the weight. The Wraithmaker simply owns that category. With its longer feed tower it really has the advantage as Cobra said (I still laugh at those pictures too). However, the MDArm's drum would be less likely to marr the finish on a wood floor.


That said, the MDArm drum would win in a different category: The Biker "field expedient kickstand".

This is a category important to any biker out there -save the bike from dumping at all cost. In a muddy field or terrain, the sealed design and strong construction of the MDArm would certainly be an advantage since it wouldnt allow the kickstand to crush the drum into the mud. The Wraithmaker simply wouldn't be a good choice for that. Also, the ribbed/ringed texture on the MDArm (as mentioned before) would certainly be anti-slip as well when the stand rests on it.

And lastly since the weight is lighter, the MDArm is more practical for the biker to ride with (load balance). However, the Wraithmaker might provide spare screws if you lost one to a turn signal lens....not sure (will vary from bike to bike).

"Although", a biker might enjoy the impromtu bludgeoning features of the steel Wraithmaker in a brawl (might be more useful too). I certainly wouldn't want to be hit by one.


A biker field expedient kickstand, and load balance for riding.


"possible" spare screws, and impromtu bludgeon weapon in a brawl (but I think it would jam your fingers in a gear if not "modified" with biker kevlar gloves)

Slight edge goes to the MDArm drum because of the lighter design affects you all the time while riding. The wraithmaker features are both "situational".



In short: MDArms is biker friendly. Proof is in the pic of any Tromix 8 or 10" with the MDArm drum clicked in.





*Too bad Mike wasn't named "Harry"... HDArms ...would've been priceless.



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I just wanted to know, has anyone tried the drum in a Factory Stock Saiga 12C? :smoke:

Yes they have. Check out the pics from the Florida shoot last weekend. Saltpeter brought his 12-C and there are pics of him blazing away with it. :smoke:

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Thanks Cobra for the info. By the way it was by reading your posts that swayed me away from WM. I was going to buy from both of the suppliers, but after reading your kind and honest comments, I decided to stay with MikeD. Thanks alot to you and everyone else who said the right things. :super:

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