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yuppers... Its been the list for a long time now.


ever since HR1022 was drafted, that was the list.


All they are doing is showing you the list from years ago, and saying "heres the list!! the sky is falling"


Which in a way it is...


but it doesnt make that bill any closer to passing.


Write your congressmen/women and make it clear that "sporting purposes" are not in the constitution and there can be NO REGULATION on firearms, without unconstitutional repercussions.




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Let your weary heart rest. That list has been out for a long time, the list was started when they saw all the loop holes in Clinton's ban, it was suppose to be a fix all for what they missed the first time. And for now you can thank the Gods of Guns that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has said she won't let any gun ban bill even see a vote on the floor. She's smart enough not to further piss off the awakened republicans.

The only thing I would worry about is anything imported, which could be banned by executive order.

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