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  1. Welcome and congrats on your upcoming new addiction. I promise you can't stop at just one saiga. Biggest do's are shoot the hell out of it, convert and dive into the forum- you can find everything here. Biggest don't is going illegal, know your state laws and get familiar with 922r.
  2. +1 for battlerifleg3. He doesn't have a website but dinzagarms does have a page on his work and a .pdf catalog
  3. My vote goes for the kung fu. Words of advice from Izhmash... ATTENTION People are packed in inhibitor Juggernaut t-shirts to prevent them from "magical powers". Follow rules of Industrial safety measures when working with such a t-shirt.
  4. From what I know baking only helps with the initial drying time, not the curing process. You can put it together, I would use a soft lube, not a solvent lube. It will help in the high friction areas- dust cover, safety lever etc... If you don't need the gun for a few days I would say just let it sit disassembled, but there is no need to bake it.
  5. Sorry about the duplicate. Mods please delete.
  6. Not trying to make an ad for them, but just passing the word along that they are back in stock. I've been waiting over a month so I know others have been 2.
  7. So I'm trying to prep my .223 and my wife's 12 for sandblasting and duracoat tomorrow. And I can't seem to get the safety level removed from my wife's unconverted 12. Its late, I've done a few searches for it, but its just pissing me off. Can it be removed, or am I just incompitent?
  8. Technically everyone should vote NO. Its a trick question. 2nd Amendment doesn't "give" us any rights. The right to own firearms is already ours. 2nd Amendment is the protector of that right. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
  9. I stumbled upon this thread on the officer.com police forums this morning. It discusses the use of the remington 870 and ar 15. http://forums.officer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119502 Keep in mind that they are talking about the 870 not the semi-auto mag fed s12 and that most departments use the .223 not the .308. Just thought a LE perspective would be interesting.
  10. So vjor's post in the teach me about mercury tubes is probably the best bet for using a mercury tube in the factory stock?
  11. Converting the gun back to its original configuration puts the trigger group back to the way it was designed and puts the balance back in check, depending on what parts you use. So yes it will make it nicer to shoot. That is a good price.
  12. I could also use some input on this subject. I just got an s-12 for my wife and she prefers the sporting stock. I would like to explore the option of keeping the original stock because we are going to paint it, and I think painting wood furniture is an unpardonable sin. Nailbomb whats this mercury tube you're talking about?
  13. Its kinda like walking into McDonald's and asking everyone in the place if you should have a Big Mac or a Chalupa for lunch. But I can understand... you want to know from people who have saiga 12s if they prefer it over their ar.
  14. I'd say walk through a couple of the tutorials, youtube videos and picture tutorials. Do a search, there are plenty. Once you've gone through a couple you'll have an idea of your comfort level in being able to duplicate what you've seen. If you don't feel comfortable doing it the stock pictured only requires a screw driver, not a full conversion. Don't be shy with the gun, they are used world wide by little mud boys in stick huts. You'd have to do a lot of screwing around to mess it up.
  15. If you can't eat bacon, I think you joined the wrong group. Just ask Jim Gaffigan. He'll tell you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg6Ia18Gcxo...feature=related
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