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Dispute over flag protest erupts in Wisc. village

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If there ever was a time to put out the distress call, it is now.


I am flying the Gadsden in front of my house right now.


Regardless of how you feel about the upside down flag, these cops did violate the man's first ammendment rights. Maybe he is one of those "terrorist returning vets" that the Obama administration has warned us about.

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I flew my flag upside down during the aftermath of the 2000 Pesidential Election when Al Gore put the whole country in distress. I use Flag stamps on my mail and since Nov. 4, 2008, I have started putting them on upside down again. I in no way mean any did-respect, only to show that we are in distress.

That Vet was probably trying to copy the Vet that cut down the American Flag that was being flown UNDER the Mexican Flag at Mexican grocery store, if I am not mistaken. Now THAT was DIS-prespect. :angry2: Of course, not knowing what was going through the man's mind, that is pure conjecture on my part.

The Police were, IMHO, way off base. I will await further input from others on the forum, because I am not exactly sure of the laws involved here.

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