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  1. Where did you get the profile picture?

  2. "If brains were lard, that boy wouldn't grease a very big pan." Jed Clampett
  3. Thanks! I like the cleaner, less bulky look of that handguard. Also, it's different.
  4. At long last, here's mine. I did not exactly go the traditional route. I hope you like it. It turned out to be exactly what I envisioned a year and a half ago. Gosh, I'm slow. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. I have read the first two books of "The Gulag Archipelago". I am taking a break and reading "The Ultimate Sniper" by Maj. John L> Plaster, USAR (Ret.) Then, back to the last book of "The Archipelago."
  6. I am no legal eagle, but is it really necessary to use the word "alleged" here? Political correctness aside, of course.
  7. I guess I will just roll over and wag my tail and hope PayPal rubs my belly. WTF? The longer we support this SHIT, the more power they gain. Must be my conspiracy "black helicopters" voice. Anybody have a better idea than to just roll over for PayPal?
  8. I have always been careful about not selling any firearms with PayPal as an acceptable payment option. I did not realize that they also have other restrictions. My acount has been PERMANENTLY limited because I sold 30 round PMAGs. My attempts to e-mail them have gone un-answered and logging in to my account, there are NO options listed for me to make this right. I did receive an e-mail from Gunpal explaining their recent difficulties. They have been shat upon by 6 or 7 banks. I realize they have gone through some growing pains, but this Pay Pal shit is TOO MUCH! We need to support Gun
  9. I would like to see that wire-folder a little closer. I am very curious to see the pad you have added. Mine is a little short for me and I was trying to avoid a welding project. Also, the wrap seems like something I would like to do.
  10. I just did my first deal using Gpal. I am awaiting the "two small deposits" to verify the account. I hope it goes better than what I have heard so far. As far as USPS money orders, they are fine, unless it is for a large amount, or it gets lost. They have no way to track it and a replacement takes 60 days. I have only had one lost to date, so it has not been that bad. With the large amounts, a lot of the time the Post office will not have enough cash on hand, especially first thing in the morning. If you go to your bank to cash it, they write your account number on the m.o. as identific
  11. My prayers go out to you and your sister. It sucks when the best part of your vacation is just living through it. Have a safe trip home!
  12. In the vast storehouse of knowledge that is this forum, I am certain that someeone can answer this question. I have a guy who wants to trade me a pump-action Romarm CAI AK chambered in 5.56X45. I have never heard of or seen one and was wondering what it is worth. I searched on Google and this sight, but a pump-action AK could not be found. So, is it a worthy find or a piece of junk?
  13. Not about to drill my wood, not a chance, nope, no way. No way would I drill that beautiful piece of wood, either. Nice piece of work CR!
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