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I've been cleaning up a little and have some items for sale or trade. All prices are without shipping, I'll ship whichever route is requested and do what I can to get the cheapest rate. I prefer a PO MO. Let me know if you have any questions or need a better picture. Items I am interested in for trade are: Black Tapco shorty front vertical grip or similar, Black AK sling that will work with the Tapco Saiga forearm - will need the snap/clip, AR limbsavor pad for a T-6, AK drum, bulgarian AK bayonet, or anything that might strike my interest. What I have:


1. Fobus IWB holster for Glock model 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27 new with package $10

2. East German (I believe) AK sling, blue. $5SPF

3. 3 used Orlite .223 mags altered to use in the Saiga with a feed ramp. I got these with a rifle. There was a little more of the ridge taken of than was needed but the worked fine in my rifle. $10 each SPF

4. FMBG .308 mag. I don't know where the follower, or floor plate are from. I did not test, selling as a body (with the spring, foor plate and follower). $5[/s] SPF

5. FMBG .308 mag. Used worked fine in my gun. $20 SPF

6. AK 30rnd mag. Asian with rear spine/ridge. New, never fired but was inserted and has a couple scratches. $10

7. S12 Promag 10 rounder, used worked good in my gun. $20 SPF

8. AK pistol grip with screw, very hard plastic, finger grooves. $5 spf

9. Glock slip on grip, bought for 17 and 19, may fit others. $5

10. Super-tac trigger system (like a hellfire)model A and B. I can't recall what models they are for but I know one is for a 10/22 and the other is either AK or Mini-14. They are both missing the little rubber band thing, instructions are included. $5 each SPF

11. New Camo mag holder, 3 large pouches 2 small. $10 SPF

12. Metal AK mag clamp, some small surface rust. $5

13. 2 new factory Saiga .410 3" mags. $20 each SPF

14. New black single point AK sling with quick detach. $10

15. .410 take off parts free to who ever wants to pay shipping or I'll throw them in the box with other items.

16. Used S12 Poly choke, slotted. $70

17. S12 choke (0,0) $20

18. Dinzag muzzle brake from a .223. No set screws. Another freebie

19. UTG AR buttstock pad, black, new. $5 SPF

20. Saiga forearm stock is for sale, only hardware on stock is the sling swivel. $10

21. AK front sight with mounting pins and indexing pin and spring. $10 SPF

22. Pine stock made by BattlerifleG3 a while back when I was scared to convert my rifle. It can be used on an unconverted saiga. It was not drilled so there will be no problem with the hole not matching up. My plan was to paint or stain black. $15 SPF

23. Used AR bayonet with M10 scabbard. $20

24. Osprey international Halo red dot reflex sight. Never used, 4 different sight pictures (dot, circle dot, crosshare, and circle dot crosshare) $20 SPF

25. 33rnd non factory Glock 9mmm mag. $10 SPF

26. New Black and Decker 18 volt flash light and sawzall, no batteries. $20 SPF

27. Mak-90 stockBlond furnature set. Has top screw , no pg screw. Small crack on top. $30 SPF


First reply on the post or PM gets it. Any questions/offers please ask.







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