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  1. That's the best way there. A cheater's way would be to wire a good lead off the positive power point into a heavy relay controlled by ignition switched power. It would only run when the ignition was on.
  2. So I ordered one of the slide fire stocks last Monday, and had it by the weekend from military guns or whatever the vendor is. Cost me some, but, for what it is, I consider it well made. I don't have any videos, as I went by myself and have no tripod. I will take some friends in a couple weeks and try to get video. Installation was pretty easy, remove the pistol grip and replace with their guide block which guides the stock in front and holds your safety spring down like the original. Then, insert stock on buffer tube, done. The stock runs two ways, locked and unlocked. Locked
  3. I am glad they do distances. I had read it was all dinking with 22s at 25 yards, which, while respectable, is not the same thing as shooting at range.
  4. Oh, please. It's not the 17 post count, it's that you were an asshole. "YOU should start by minding your own business,who the HELL are you to tell me what to do with my rifle,I don't recall you paying for it or asking your opinion about what I should do with it. Personally I could care less about historical value I buy guns to shoot not sell later for monetary gain or to just look at as some wall hanger. " Sound familiar? I'm through on this one.
  5. Plus, he's a 17 post troll. I've found that people who are, shall we say, more blue collar and lower class, have less value for originality and preservation. This goes from guns, to classic cars, to homes, to really anything. This is where the term Bubba'ed Up comes from, because, it also seems that, the more people want to modify stuff, the less capability they actually possess to do so well. Unfortunately, the Bubba'ing affects the entire community, because these types tend to live paycheck to paycheck and not save money. Then, when times get hard, they have to sell their toy
  6. Laid. Proselytizing is more effective when one uses correct grammar. Christ was made man, for a reason. The anti-christ will not be a man, for there is no reason to be one. One can't nail an angel or Satan, I imagine this anti-christ to be the same. However, if one called down the thunder, literally, perhaps the Lord might use an automatic weapon for His vengeance.
  7. Dude, you shoot skeet with a red dot and people will point and laugh.
  8. Ammo should work for a hundred years. I still shoot paper shotshells at times.
  9. Hell man, a ten year old car is just getting started. I've got some 40 year old cars.
  10. Your damn right. I'm sitting on a tree stand near a windmill to pump some cattle troughs, watching the deer, a little breeze and CREEEEAK BAN BANG BANG, all the deer gtfoed.
  11. Your logic is flawed. People won't be running around and shooting from the tops of buildings and from tanks at people. There is a giant divide between video games and reality, and the only people who don't realize that are the non-gamers. In fact, do me a favor and don't even suggest that anything from video games makes it into reality because all we fucking need is more stupid ratings laws. Please forgive me. I abase myself at the feet of the All-knowing Grand Kliegl. All is now right with the world. Rise, my son. Just kidding, you don't nee
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