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Yes, it would. Once you add a non-sporting feature, where ever the parts are made you get to play 922® Mix-n-match.


I am told that the combo would count as 2 parts still. If you make them from something other than an imported stock or pistol grip they shouldn't add to your parts total. Remember you only count foreign parts.


The only way I know of that you can add a thumbhole without altering the "as imported" (sporting) status is to use the RAA stock. It was specifically approved for importation as OEM sporting. That's why I bought one. It is a big improvement. I ended up doing the full conversion though because I want a side folder on one and a classic AK 74 look on the other. (sending you a PM about this.)


If you decide to do 922r, you can eliminate 4 parts for ~ 45 (~$35 for FCG,[3 parts],$10 tappet) So if cost is your concern, it doesn't have to be much. If reversability is your concern then, you are pretty much limited to skipping the game with the Saiganov. If you use some bolt on external pistol grip combo like the tapco T6, or similar, you do have to go through the 922 r. Which model is yours?


Remember, adding US parts doesn't hurt your total, but it doesn't help it either. Once 922® is activated, you have to remove foreign numbered parts.

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I was kinda wondering the same thing, I am putting a tapco stock on with the pistol grip, and a utg forearm on it. From what I have been understanding, as long as I don't screw with the insides of it I should be fine. I do plan on adding a bullet guide in the future. But as long as I use a US made mag I should be good.

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Until Uncle BATF sends out a letter saying that pistol grips are sporting (which is supposedly a result of their Saiga Study), adding a pistol grip triggers 922r.


Please See Akdal MKA 1919... Legal to import in factory configuation with a pistol grip and 5 round mag.

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so if i have a rifle in factory setup, and put a stock on it with a pistol grip, it is ok to have as long as I only use a 5 round mag. As soon as I would insert a mag larger than 5 i have to fall within 922, even in a factory setup.

So basically as I see it, I can put a new stock with pistol grip onto the saiga 7.62X39, as long as I change the the forearm grip (which I plan on doing at the same time), and using US made magazines (unfortunately promag for now), I am fine.

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