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Converting saiga 7.62, a few questions

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Hi i just recently got my hands on the saiga 7.62x39 and thinking about making a conversion, thus a few points I need to clear out


1) If i want to put original AK hand guards, can I just replace gas tube (bulgarian, or other), will this fit saiga gas block? I know i need a lower retainer too, any other parts needed?


2) Polishing parts. I plan on getting tapco single hook FCG polished, is there gonna be any benefit from this, should I get other parts polished or maybe not do it at all?


3) I'm kind of new to the gun game, and not sure if i should keep BHO or not?





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1. Yes, and no. Other than the hand guards, of course. There are a few different lower HG retainers.


2. I wouldn't polish the trigger until I checked the pull as is. If you feel the need after that, it's easy to pull it back out and polish. I don't care for an overly light trigger on an HD gun myself.


3. Personal preference entirely. I have it on 2 of mine and not on the other 2. Guess I'm bipolar.

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I had a bad experience with the bho on my 7.62 after I converted it. The piece would out of position and cause the bolt to get jammed open. But that's just me. However, I'd hang on to it, if you do decide to pull it out.

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The secret is to notch the BHO lever if you need to-you may not-and put a slight bend on the tip of the BHO spring that sits on the lever. You will find an illustration and instructions somewhere on the forum

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