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Accurizing the Super Part 2: Trigger

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In trying to make the super shoot more accurately, one of the issues heard about on forums and from individuals is the gritty feel of the trigger for the ak type weapon, when i got my super vepr, both of them in fact had very gritty triggers. The triggers are 2 stage yes, but they were gritty and when you pulled slowly, the feel was just no good.


Sticking to the KISS idea, I don't want to spend any money and don't want to remove the trigger if not necessary. Here is what I did to make a really smooth trigger for myself.


I am a mechanic by trade and have used something called valve lapping compound, the compound is a grease type with grit suspended in it. There is usually coarse grit for sanding conditions and fine grit for lighter work. What I did was put some lapping compound on the surfaces that make contact on the trigger.


This is the trigger as it was before



This is the lapping compound I used



I used a small flat screwdriver dipped in the compound to put it where it is needed.



Use the screwdriver to put the compound under the hook on the trigger




Also put some compound under the disconnector hook



Next push the hammer down in the cocked position, and move the trigger forwards and backwards to rub the mating surfaces together, you can put the bolt and recoil spring back in as well and cycle the weapon and dry fire it to get the FCG parts to fully rub together with the compound in its natural firing sequence. Dont forget to hold the trigger and allow the disconnector hook be lapped to the hammer.





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Cycle the weapon and allow the trigger parts to lap to each other and the surfaces will smooth out against each other, the feel of this operation will be extremely gritty and unnatural for a trigger, that is good, you are allowing the parts to wear into each other without wearing the parts out or removing excess material if you were to use a file or polishing stone.


When you have cycled the weapon about 100 times pulling the trigger each time, clean off all the lapping compound off the rifle and parts. I used a Q-tip and some brake clean type liquid.





Here you see the FCG parts cleaned off and you see where the paint has been removed and the parts are now worn too each other.



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This is the Disconnector, you see where the paint is removed



This is the Hammer and that is where the paint is removed, at the tip.



Once I have everything clean, I use a White lithium grease on all the surfaces that I lapped to polish the parts to each other using themselves and the cycling action of the firearm.














When all the parts are greased, cycle the weapon about 100 times again, and dry fire it each time, the lithium grease will allow the parts to polish against each other and the trigger feel will become super smooth. I use this grease to lubricate my firearms and it protects very well against the elements.


Well there it is, a simple and easy way to get a great trigger feel, smooth and it remains 2 stage.

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I hope the RSA would not need any work to it as you are paying money for it and it should be perfect. I just like to the original trigger so much, two stage, one the Newer rifle, there is about 75% take up and then you hit the second stage and it is a crisp release. On the Older rifle the take up is about 55-60% but still the great second stage and crisp release, And with the grease and the trigger polishing itself it is just smooth as butter. by the way, you can do this to any ak type of trigger.

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well perfect is relative, I have read one other users account with the RSA and he had some troubles with just dropping it in (cycling problems and what not). they do make a version for the .308 vepr. but its unclear how much difference there is between the .308 vepr and the .308 super vepr. the only account I have is in another thread and only by eye balling its suggested that they are at least similar. the original is not bad, I just prefer a bit of fine tuning and think the slack is a bit too much. the two stage in my opinion was a solution looking for a problem. Unsure fingers was the idea behind it as far as I can discern and if one is unsure there finger should not be on the trigger. but that's another issue altogether. In a nutshell I just want to be able to fine tune it.

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The great thing about these rifles is that there are limitless opportunities to make it your own, in my eyes I tuned it and made it better, it will never be match grade for me, so I am satisfied with this level of tuning, if you require more customuzation it's great that there are options available, let us know how the RSA will be. I wanted one on my saiga 308 and then sold it and moved to the supers.

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