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liberty -r- death

TAPCO 10rnd AK74 5.45 mags work in VEPR 223!

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Final report.


Took the VEPRnov to the range to live fire test the TAPCO 10rnd AK74 5.45 mags and they work great!


Ran 50 rounds through two different mags. Not a single hiccup. At a 1/3 of the cost of factory mags you can't beet them for price and they look pretty good in the rifle.


Keep in mind if you have not followed some of my other posts. The VEPRnov has been modified to accept surplus high cap mags. So if you have a factory rifle and want to use these mags you will need a bullet guide and will have to file a few mm's of material from the mag catch for these to work properly. In doing so there are other 922r concerns that you'll also need to address because the rifle will be modified to be capable of accepting high cap magazines. As with any modification nothing can be guaranteed to work 100% every time with 100% of all VEPR's. I'd venture a guess and say you shouldn't have any problems if Bulgy Circle 10's or Beryl magazines run well in your rifle.


Here are some photos of the mag with ammo and in the VEPRnov. I did not take pictures of myself shooting, nor did I take an video because I can only do so many things at one time.


You can get these from Greg @ Carolina Shooter Supply.




Thanks Greg @ CSS and Captain Hero for helping with this project!





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Congrats bro. Im glad you were able to get positive resluts! They do look great in that rifle. Thanks for sharing this and keeping us updated with your progress.

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Great info. I wanted some more 10-round range mags for my Saiga .223 but didn't want to fork over the retarded cost of factory mags, then have to grind off the plastic bullet guide.

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Is the curvature of the Tapco 10 round the same as the curvature of the factory VEPR mag? (Is it straighter? Does it curve more? Etc.?)

Using AK74 mags in a 223 rifle could be illegal. A 10 round AK74 mag holds 11 rounds of 223 ammo. It would be a felony in California, for example, to insert a 10 round AK74 mag into a 223 rifle. Doing this would probable also trigger 922r compliance requirements.

The mag could probably be permanently modified to take only 10 rounds to be California compliant.

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Glad to see work being done on this. Here are some articles by Dinzag Arms for reference.


Here is an old post by Dinzag that explais how to use epoxy putty to modify the follower of an AK-74 mag so that it will feed .223 ammo:

"How To Mod AK-74 Mag Followers for .223 Ammo" http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/9148-how-to-mod-ak-74-mag-followers-for-223-ammo/?hl=%2Bepoxy+%2Bputty


Instead of using epoxy putty, Dinzag now welds plastic onto the followers with a soldering iron. (No solder. Just the iron.) His PDF titled "Saiga .223 Magazine Options" is available at http://www.dinzagarms.com/downloads/223_mag_options.pdf

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