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AK-74 FSB Installed, NOT Flush With Muzzle?

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I don't have the ability to post a picture at the moment, but long story short, I had a Bulgarian AK-74 FSB installed on my Saiga x39, and the smith who I had do it for me installed it, leaving about 1/8" between the front edge of the FSB and the muzzle. That being said, will this decrease the effectiveness of any of my muzzle attachments due to more of the muzzle possibly sticking into the attachments? In my AK-74 brake, the muzzle sticks out almost in line with the first hole (if that makes sense). It's not a problem as long as the performance won't be hindered..probably too late to change it anyway. Thanks all! (My first thread on this forum)

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Believe it or not, that is the proper placement of the FSB. Try measuring from the front of the GB to the back of the FSB. It should be approximately 2.088 (factory FSB) to 2.100mm (based on GB alignment).


I've seen plenty of FSBs that have been installed flush with the end of the barrel, but if the factory pin holes are reused to align the FSB (when they're present), you'll have a little of the end of the barrel sticking out...


And for the photographic evidence...





Converted (GB had to moved back a tiny bit after this pic was taken, and is not measuring 2.088mm)...



End of the barrel...



This is all based upon 5 conversions to Saiga 7.62s and 5.45s using both barrel types...

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Was the old block the same way, as it could be a factory fuck up. All my Russian blocks are the same length. If it wasnt like this before, than the Bulgy block could be slightly shorter. I didnt get a chance to test this with my last FSB conversion, as my old block was pressed in and not pinned.


It shouldnt hurt anything though. Shoot the fuck outta the gun and enjoy it.

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Oh, thanks for the replies! What confused me is that it appears that Arsenal fits theirs to be flush with the muzzle...sooo. And I wasn't really concerned with the accuracy being effected, just the effectiveness of any brake I use. Honestly, I would think that flush is the correct way: it would give the gas more space in the brake, and protect the muzzle a little more.


edit: this guy even left his FSB forward of the muzzle a little.



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edit: huh.. .for some reason this topic showed up on my browser as "new" - a month later?


I'm pretty sure that there is a difference in pin locations and overall dimensions when comparing the Saiga FSB and a surplus AK-74 FSB. This is because the Saiga FSB uses the same overall dimensions as the AK-100 series long-collar FSB, while the AK-74 FSB is the older short-collar type.


The gas blocks are basically dimensionally identical between the AK-74 and AK-100 series, pin locations should be the same.


When installing the AK-74 FSB, I mount it so that the muzzle is flush with the FSB.


In the end the details really don't matter. I can't think of any way that having a little bit of muzzle sticking out will affect anything. You COULD run into trouble if you use a unique 24mm muzzle device with a base that sits very close to the end of the threaded collar. The standard AK-74 brake will not have this problem.

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