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Bolts, carriers, and FCGs SHIPPING...

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 Here are a few sets we have finished and packaged to go out tomorrow morning. Would have gotten three out today but missed the postman.


S-12 Ser. # 886





S-12 # 152





S-12 # 205





S-.308 #4039


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It's very effortless to charge for a right handed shooter. No reaching under or over to get to the right side or a Galil style vertical charger. Trigger hand stays firmly on the grip with finger ready to shoot. All the work changing mags and charging the weapon is done with the other hand. I really like it myself. An extended mag release is a great compliment to the system.

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Four sets went out today and got three more sets going out tomorrow.  Pics and ser. #'s below:










#768 MinutemanX  (With new custom highlights on bolt handle, trigger face, recoil spring button, BHO, and axis pins)




This officially clears out every bolt & carrier / FCG set we had in for service, excluding a few last remaining sets having custom left hand charging handles Tig welded on. Our main focus now will be getting these done and shipped in the order received while taking new orders.


 Turn around times on all new orders should be very fast. Two of these pictured above were received on Jan 6th and Jan 8th in fact.


Bring it on we are ready.  032.gif

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got it all back and reinstalled, looks great!  charges smooth and for the first time ever, able to load on that closed bolt.  Will try to get some pictures up sometime this week.  Thanks man :up:

Yeah you need to get some pics up for sure, those are some good looking parts. I wanna see what the gun looks like.

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I'm glad you asked that question. Actually no, what it does is increase the overall performance of the weapon without over stressing any part of the system. These guns are overbuilt like Russian tanks. There is some overkill in the mass of the bolt, and the geometry makes for a very poor design in the way it adds friction to the cycle, and hinders loading mags on a closed bolt. The guns were designed to run on more powerful Russian ammo than this low brass most American people want to use because it's cheap or to shoot skeet, etc.

 I have been doing this service for over 8 years now without one single problem. There are many guns out there in the hands of law enforcement and competition shooters as well, that get put to a lot of use. I have never heard anything but positive comments on how much it improves cycling, ease of loading on a closed bolt, and overall smoothness in handling or operating the weapon. You can read through the long detailed ad in our section describing all the advantages and exactly how it makes things better.


 Another huge part of what makes this system work is due that excess material removed from the hammer. These hammers are ALL designed for use in an AK rifle... not a shotgun. The shotguns have a larger bolt that needs extra room. The rails also sit lower in the receiver, compounding the problem. I carefully remove just the right amount to give our customers as little friction as possible, while still guaranteeing safe and full engagement with the disconnect. This critical part is the reason I stopped selling just trigger groups. I prefer to match the whole set of parts... hammer thickness to bolt carrier, while I have both here in my shop to measure and test.

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I wanna get this so bad but I'm scared :( great job tho man carriers n bolts look amazing and the LHCH look cleeean! I wish I thought about that before putting the stock option I did on my s12 but that would be perfect iz132. How long does the bcg polish process take you before it's back in my mail box? LHCH time?

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Currently The LHCH takes a little longer than it will be in the near future. The actual re-profiling and polishing we do on the FCG and BCG only takes a couple of weeks or less from the time received til it's going back out.

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Haven't posted any recent pics lately so here goes. These are a few of the ones we are shipping this week. Shipped 5 orders yesterday and have 4 more going out by tomorrow. (All from THIS year BTW...) 

 That officially clears out the shop for new incoming orders. At this time we have one really custom job going with a stainless skull LHCH but after that it's a clean slate for now...


 LHCH #837:



Full beadblast & polish plus custom grooved trigger #152:



Regular re-profile & polish #526:



Vepr 12 -w- full reliability service and accent polishing / highlights #332



 Enjoy guys they are on the way.  victory.gif

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