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Buggered Siaga 12 gas block

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I have one or two of the taps.  If you can't get it .

Thank you Tom!! A man among men. If I can't I will let ya know. The gun came this way. I tried to get the old plug out and had to use a wrench after I removed the pin in the gas block locking it in. Now trying to install a 6 setting plug and it wont go in. Anyway, I filed a form 2 and cut her off. 24" to 12". Always hated that gun. 24" just did not look right. Now bound and determined to get it to shoot winchester low brass without moving gas block back 2". HEHEHE Been fun


Thanks again


Jack Schnaitman

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four or five ports an she'll run.. five small will give less fouling than four biggens...

ok had 4 ports and she runs HB fine. Just added a small one for extra measure. Runs good on HB HL andI  am happy with HB buckshot and slugs but if she will do better then I want to get her there.  She does drag bad as the carrier crosses the last part of the hammer after cocking. I will fix that too. Then maybe, just maybe, I will go for a post sample. Tony R. explained it to me but thats for another 10 degree day when the streets are again barren of people and I got extra time

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