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Looks like K-USA may actually produce US-made Vityaz 9mm

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Just saw this post on Truth About Guns. At SHOT show, Kalashnikov USA unveiled a prototype modernized AK, as well as what appears to be a genuine US-made Vityaz.


So either they managed to import some of the Saiga-9 sporters that were produced by Izhmash before EO, or they really do have Russian spec blueprints & tooling to produce these.





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From talk over on the AKFiles, it uses actual Vityaz magazines. Hopefully they end up using MP5 mags instead, solely for the availability and price. 

I'll have one in my possession, if it's true to form.

After Atlantic and Difinitive Arms botched their collaboration and Volk Armament being unreliable (as a business) and sketchy with peoples money, I'm looking forward to this one. Third times the charm?


AKFiles link...


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First half about the 9mms.  Second half about the Alfa 21st century AKs and the 12ga.


I'm starting to take kusa MUCH more seriously.


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RE the magazines.


Same as any other 9mm, I wish they would just do the obvious: The magwell is plastic. It could have two push pins to swap out for another magwell. This could allow it to work with the pistol mag of your choice or some existing and available subgun mag.


Anything less than that is crap. Half the joy of a subgun/ pistol cal carbine is shared mags, and cheap shooting. Making a $1000 + semi auto with a heavy blowback bolt jostling around that is not even +p rated that uses expensive mags you can't find is a waste of time. They limit their market severely when they pull that. I'm not a glock fanboy, but if they really wanted to open their market and could only afford to use one mag, that would be the choice that would net the most buyers.

Two guns that have an overhyped reputation for reliability. I can see they hyperbole already.

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Vityaz mags look VERY close to MP5 mags, I would not be surprised if MP5 mags can be modified to fit.


That could be a plus. But I hope they realize using MP5 mags from the get go, is the best option for the consumer. But they'll probably keep with Vityaz mags to monopolize the market and corner the price. $90-120 Molot V12 mags as an example.

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I'm a little late to the party on this one. So,is this basically like a US made civilian version of a Russian Bizon?  

Vityaz/Saiga9, not Bizon. Bizon is a completely different magazine design. No idea how US made they are going to be. I just hope they are direct copies of the Vityaz/Saiga9 or imports of.

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I'm an absolute sucker for anything that shoots x39.  I'm interested to learn more about the Alfa.  Maybe it's plastic crap wrapped around an AK.  Maybe it's something more.  I'll ride the fence until we know more.

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