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So I started this build with a Nodak Spud LLC square back psl receiver and the 15 piece psl armorers kit from Center fire systems. Since this is my first battle with these beasts I was hoping to get some advice.


How necessary is the psl trigger spacer washer to the alignment of everything, do I need to buy it and also if any one knows where it goes, left or right of trigger on axis pin?


Also the bolt carrier seemed to be way to hard to push in when assembling or when the gun cycles. Im aware AK variants have their hang ups but this seems like it will cause the gun to lock up each shot. Very anxious to test fire once barrel is made and trunnion is bought.








And Happy Manufacturing day! (Friday Oct 7th, 2016)

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Honestly as thick as the receiver is there (including the reinforcement) I would not bother, as long as one side allows the manufactured head of the rivet to sit flush.  That receiver looks a lot nicer than the POS Romanian receivers my brother and I used on our builds.

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Why the reinforcement plates?


It looks great so far!


Because the original Romanian made PSLs had them.  They're not really as useful on the Nodak receiver...  The originals were basically made using a standard length RPK receiver shell, modified to be longer for the 7.62x54R cartridge.  The reinforcement plates on the originals extend the length of the receiver, and they actually have a step machined on their inner surface where they meet up with the rear edge of the stamped receiver shell.  They also do reinforce the rear trunnion rivet holes in the receiver, which is a weak point of any stamped AK, particularly so with the more powerful 54R cartridge, which I am sure is one reason Nodak retained them, even though they used longer receiver shells than the Romanians did.


If you do much work on a PSL it becomes obvious how much of a kludge the design really is, but if you are going to build one the Nodak receiver is definitely the way to go if you can get one.  I think it's amazing that most PSLs work as well as they do.

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