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    I've always wanted a better way to put a light and an RDS on my S12. How my 10 year old shotgun started out: After recent upgrades: Had to make a new rear sight block out of 4140. Just got it back from Pete's Heat Treating Inc. yesterday. Parkerized and gunkoted it. This is the mounting point for a TWS dogleg. This also has a Glock rear sight dovetail. Actually had a tall ameriglo rear sight I got to throw on. The rear of the dogleg on an S12 is very tricky. Doesn't fit quite right with the AK74 folding trunnion with out some material removed and some added. Front sight has an "adapter" block. Also 4140. The original rivet that makes up a front post was drilled out. A socket headcap screw was shaped on the lathe the fit that hole and hold down the adapter block. Adapter block takes standard Glock front sights. The Khukov handguard was a bitch to install. Has to mill some material away. Rear mlok slots had to be removed. The barrel is too wide there. Had to mill a square near the front so there was a pocket for the bottom of the gas block to sit in. Also had to make a block that slides into the receiver and protrudes for the rear of the handguard to bolt onto. Still have to do more fit and finish work then more painting. Love it so far.
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    In the top pic, it looks like that shell had been ran through more than once and possibly caught on the extractor slot on the first go or a previous go (the bulge on the right at the feedramp, in relation to the pic, not the right of the weapon). If what I think I am seeing is what I am really seeing, they basically skipped a step at the chamber end or decided that it didn't matter enough to copy. Maybe they tested the early ones with very stiff-hulled loads and it simply wasn't an issue that needed to be addressed, from their perspective. In this pic, the grayish pink is what I think is the area where the rim fits into the chamber. If it is (key word 'if'), you might try taking a little from the slot into the chamber beyond where the rim goes (green area). File, check, repeat as necessary until it no longer hangs there. Worst case, you get a little carried away and the case heads bulge at the slot because you went to far. As long as you do not go crazy, a little bulging should not affect safety or extraction, but may effect the viability and/or safety of reloading the hulls that you fire. I play a gunsmith on youtube, use your head... save your eyes and hands