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  1. took the little bitch out to function test with some old lacquer wolf and it was entirely enjoyable to shoot. loaded just one round first & it passed the "didn't blow up" test....... case looked fine, had absolutely no trigger slap and low perceived recoil & blast from the last yugo I had awhile back...... but Wow what a wallop of terminal ballistics. too used to .223 did a bump-dump from the hip but the wife missed it. got me on this one actually trying to "aim" after a few boxes more the grip screw loosened up, so I figured I wouldn't push it. Damn thing was a boogered up slotted screw with no washer that I replaced with a nicer allen head. tearing it apart now, it has an Arsenal logo trigger, a few #s on the barrel, a few different ones on the carrier....ect. seems to be totally PAKI MADE!...I love it SBR picts to follow
  2. Doing my own research/ looking at confirmed bulgy parts, I found that the kit is a bulgarian Krink. BUT the front trunion is clearly a from an '82 romy G kit, The barrel does appear chrome lined at the chamber, so bulgy but could be romy. I did not pull HGs or FH to look for marks. The bore looked brand new bright & shiny sharp rifling. Other markings: the front gas block/site has a #2 near the sling loop the only other part that may not be bulgy is the bolt/carrier which apparently could be yugo. it is unfinished with no polishing (or filing marks ), looks like a apparently(weak understanding of this) some bolts are a higher nickle/or chromium and are near stainless/and possibly won't take blueing. it has no markings but I don't remember closely looking at the LH side, I was more interested in quality of the parts/build/cool factor- than of obsessing about each & every part like I am now. Whoever did the built did a iiho very clean job, perfect rivets/no scratches or dents using a quality reciever. and obviously intended to SBR it at some time. I would likely do that if I get it and can put a few hundred rounds through it without ANY problems It really has been fun scouring the net searching the seemingly endless variations of the AK as far as the price, it looks very fair concidering the price of the kits. in fact It looks cheaper that I could build it
  3. Thanks for the replies Shandlanos, that sounds exactly what it is I got some word back from an AK builder that this is likely a parts gun. but looks like it could be a specialized build combination of Bulgarian & Romanian front trunion, barrel, handgaurds, top cover. this creates a short/light/least bulky AK (over a conventional leaf sight & gas system. nodak spud receiver appears well rivited. anyone know if the bolt that color means it is "hard chromed" it has a bulgarian or russian sidefolder kit installed which I prefer for cheekweld someone made it real easy to form 1 an SBR I want this gun Bulgy brake:
  4. maybe this isn't Yugo or bulgy? because the only thing I can find is that triangle=romania? and apparently the yugo barrel length/hand guards are different from russian/bulgarian, so I might be able to figger it out that way just curious if it is chrome lined.
  5. it looks like NODAK sells receivers that allow this kit to happen. I still don't know if it is a demilled yugo or bulgy kit looks like the yugo would have come with an underfolder w/non chrome barrel and the bulgy came with a side folder and chromed barrel. or it's a total mutt or it could have a us barrel? they want $1100 I really like it though it's how I would build a krink
  6. thanks....Idaho is plenty NFA friendly
  7. MODs I appologize if this the wrong spot for this. delete if needed Ran across gun that I'm interested in. need some help on the ID built on a NDS reciever 2 digit serial- something like T00000XX AK serial is 1982(triangle)(serial#) I fat-fingerd the button & the camera didn't record these picts interesting features include the rear sight. that is integral to the hinged top cover. not the typical leaf sight- only has 2 position (like the AR A2 rear site). with a Cyrillic "N" and then 2-4 on the other. flash hider is longer probably 2/2.5" with A2 like slots at the slant brake orientation (has detent) best of all they seem to have installed the entire side folder kit less buttstock. these are the only picts I can provide until I get some more later. f-ing camera phone any help would be appreciated. I'll just be here eating some strudel
  8. isn't that designation going to be a digit in the serial # or is there other markings?
  9. yeah, but titties in the avatar are A-OK!?!? my 5 yo says "dad, what is she doing that's gross"
  10. Hey guys, haven't been here in awhile (3yrs ) but I'm glad I came back (due to the hysteria) and found out about this great thing. I'll admit it. I would never adjust the (factory) plug so I'd just take the punishment when shooting slugs. Due to that- the S12 lost favor to my benelli & I traded her off, crazy I know. But I always missed the gun, so.....I have a new gun at a builder and had having him install an autoplug (among other things ) simply due to the fact of the video above. BTW- I dig his accent, it almost sounds Russian anyway, I'm glad tac47 came up with this device.
  11. luckypunk

    Stuck BHO

    I haven't had this happen to me, and I don't have a problem with inserting mags on a closed bolt...so the next time I'm in there for cleaning or maybe custom refinishing, I'm leaving the BHO out
  12. NATO stock has been sold, I was going to edit the original post, but the edit button disappears with time? Thanks All, Jeff BTW, I used the original stock to test paint & then shitcanned it, so it's gone too
  13. good deal, The sight was advertised as a Russian made AK type sight. I don't know if it has a companion rear sight. They have the 20 gauge for sale in the ESTORE
  14. go into "my controls" left hand column is "purchase paid subscriptions"
  15. I ordered some buttpads & a foam cover a month ago. no parts, no debit, no email, no nothing.
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