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  2. I beg to differ. The recoil buffer is designed to separate fools and ignorants from their money. Ignorant of how an AK works, most people solve a "bolt carrier contacts rear block" issue with a buffer, when in reality, it's the recoil spring that needs replacing. The Kalashnikov design did not include a recoil buffer, even though buffer technology was available at the time. Adding an aftermarket recoil buffer can lead to problems, with the most extreme being a cracked receiver. Recoil Buffer - Saiga-12.com Muzzle brakes? - Saiga-12.com Installing the Buffer on the Saiga Shotgun - Saiga-12.com Valmet Recoil Buffer (Does this actually work?) - Saiga-12.com Definitive answer on recoil buffers? - Saiga-12.com blackjack blue or black or ? buffer - Saiga-12.com recoil buffer, noticed a difference? - Saiga-12.com The Soviets used recoil buffers on the PPSh1941 (fibre) and the PPs1943 (leather) submachine guns. They were obviously quite familiar with the use of buffers where they thought them to be needed. The AK costs much more to build than the straight blowback open bolt firing pistol caliber submachineguns mentioned here. If a buffer was needed they could have designed one into the weapon......
  3. I picked up 2 early EAA import Saigas recently,1 in .223 and 1 .308. The fit and finish on these look nicer to me than the new Saigas which I see being offered on dealers tables at gun/funshows. While new to Saigas I have been collecting and shooting military type rifles since 1958.....Got my first semi auto rifle around 1960 or so (G-43) followed by SVT40 about a year later. My first AK type was a Finnish Valmet M62S in the early 1970s....First AKM stamped reciever type was a Steyr imported MAADI in the early to mid 1980s. A fair number of other pre 1989 ban AK types followed: Clayco, Polytec, Norinco, Hungarian, American Arms Yugos, etc. owned at the same time. As largely a collector I tend to leave things as original as possible for the most part.....I do like to think than I have an eye for fit/finish and overall workmanship on a firearm by now..... And these European American Armory imports do look better finished to me.....Any thoughts on this?
  4. I would like to use the Surefire 20 rd mags in my stock Saiga but not ready to do a full conversion. I have numerous AKs which look like AKs and kind of like having one of these that is factory. I believe that one less foreign part would let me use the US mags. How hard is it to replace the fire control parts? I also have a nice early EAA .308 which I would like to do the same with, minus trigger as that will not interchange. I have K-Var FCG single hook which they say is correct for Saiga. How difficult is it to replace these parts?
  5. Suppose someone has a stock Saiga rifle which is not modified to accept a LCMM (Large Capacity Military Magazine) and puts a 20 round US made Surefire Mag made specificly for the Saiga and which will not fit the military type AK rifles....Will this bring the completely as imported Saiga under 922?
  6. I haven't seen many wood stocked Saigas lately. Are they any more desirable than current plastic ones? These 2 early EAA imports look like they are a little higher quality as to fit, finish, and overall workmanship compared to the later, non EAA rifles that I have examined. Any opinions on this? Not that gun folks would have any on which rifle is better............
  7. I recognize your avatar......One like it lives in my gunsafe..........
  8. I feel the same way, but be careful how you phrase that. The question isn't whether or not you prefer full auto, but whether or not Americans should be PERMITTED to own full auto. There are 20,000 unconstitutional gun laws on the books and I believe if all Americans knew the facts about automatic rifles the percentage would be much higher than 41%. Yeah I realized that after I posted, and I fully understand what you mean. So with that said! I have no problem with anyone else having a fully automatic weapon and I think anyone should be able to buy them in any State of the USA... Yes they are fun No I could not afford to feed one, so you guys better invite me over to play with them .. lol ... I'll help carry the cases of ammo. Suppose you found an affordable full auto in .22lr? Would that help.......?
  9. Mandatory background check on private modern gun sales/trades at funshows with $10 fee for each one, even on same day. If you make a trade with 2 different individuals an hour apart, each of you has to pay for background check twice.......Perhaps you have beeen convicted of a felony in between......!?!? Oh, here in Texas we have state preemption on gun laws and your Concealed Handgun License elimanates the need for a background check if you buy from a dealer. No state restrictions to buy from individual. NFA friendly too....
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