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  1. I have four saiga 12. I swapped the seletor out with another shotgun and got the same result. When I compared the selectors the one that was giving me problems is ground off just enough to cause a problem. "They" is the factory.
  2. Need a Saiga 12 ga selector. They cut mine too short and it does not work. jaymckenzie@gmail.com
  3. Where can I pick up two 19 inch 12ga? Thanks Guys
  4. saiga 12 video does the link work for you?
  5. birdv

    "House Gun" Barrel

    A|G thanks for a great post
  6. Lagomorph setup is too heavy for me. I tried it on a few years ago when it was 30 lb lighter. I like my blackhawk crossdraw. The guy I bought it from put a 4-m16 mag pouch on the side(geat for gatorade). I hog hunting setup 1 pistol 4 mags 1 can of off bug spray 2 candy bars 1 gatorade 1 spare mag for rifle 1 fence tool 1 cell phone
  7. I thought it was a neat picture She is a superlady
  8. invoice 155 Just got them today and they look great. I will be testing them this weekend
  9. I have been told that I have a package. Thanks FBMG! There are no hogs safe in Texas.
  10. I have had packages lost by every provider, except DHL. And it is only a matter of time.
  11. I do not understand why UPS does so well with all of the packages I care nothing about. But everytime I start acting like a kid before Christmas USPS sends my package off the end on the earth.
  12. FBMG shipped my mags on last wednesday. At what point should I ask for a tracking number? P.S.- Every year at this time the one thing that I want to arrive ontime UPS finds it a month later in a warehouse. One year I tracked a package I sent to from TX to GA go all over Europe. (Atleast the customer laughed when they looked up the tracking number) Sometimes I think having a tracking number makes it worse.
  13. I have put one on my 12 ga and my 308. I like the ace stock better. I believe tapco makes a pad for the t6.. Anyone tried it?
  14. birdv


    The expert is going to post pictures along with the information tonight. The expert is not me, but he is working on my saiga 308 right now(It looks sweet). If his pictures are not great that is because I took them with my cell phone.
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