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  1. Complete Specs: BCM BCG Generic Rock River? Charging Handle Mega Upper W/ M4 Cuts WOA 18" 1:7 SPR barrel-Top Quality M4 Cut Extension VLTOR Silver gas block on a middy length gas system. JP Rifles V-Tac Rifle Length hand guard with top rail installed. This upper is brand new, It was assembled, headspaced, test fired and put away. It's been a safe queen ever since. I wanted to put a nice leupy scope on it but right now I need money for my education a little more. I'm in this build about $850 as is, but the buyer catches a lucky break as I'm offering it at $750 + $20 shipping. I t
  2. I just HAD to check on the saiga 12 forums this morning. Well, at least I finally got one of them cool 308's
  3. I refinihed my s-12 tonight in the interest of finding an answer to a question. Duracoat will match the factory finish to the sheen, if you are good enough, you could mix up a batch to match the sheen even. Pics forthcoming.
  4. I have a streamlight TLR-2 Mounted on mine, I'll post pics soon...
  5. Sorry I didnt see this post sooner when I got to that part I just stuck a chisel under it and a couple of taps with a hammer and there she went good luck with the rest Karl Big +1, chisel it up good! if you are planning on reusing the TG then the hole in it is a good thing beforehand
  6. How about an 8" rail I could install on the underside of the factory handguard?
  7. I'm still looking for a solution. Help!
  8. the website doesn't have any in stock and I've searched several places, but can't find any. Help?
  9. Are you the same gunut from the ORHTF? Very nice Chi-Coms!
  10. Cobra that is a neat rail system, but I think I might run into clearance issues if I put that on. anyone have any experience with these? http://cgi.ebay.com/UAG-RIFLE-SHOTGUN-PAIN...1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. found this, but they're out of stock: http://www.jimpruett.net/Reviews/Gun_Acces...s/Shotgun_Rail/ and then there's this: http://commandarms.com/product.asp?pID=133&cID=22 But its too expensive...
  12. Thank you for your reply guys, and the welcome. Now, as to the comment that it is too short; is that a restriction for importation, or too short in general? In other words, if I purchased this item, and then removed the muzzle device, would the gun then be illegal? Or, could I re-install a muzzle device of my choice (not soldered on) and be back in buisness? I seem to remember an 18 inch rule. Next question is the bolt hold-open. Is this an easy upgrade, like modifying the selector lever on an AK to hold the charging handle in place, or is it more complex than that? Should I just be buyin
  13. I just want something that is designed for the barrel that will clamp on. Only needs to be about 2" long. Is there anything available?
  14. I've been curious about that as well. I may get some to try with my paradox yet. I'll definitely post a range report.
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