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  1. Im about an hr away from them, so I just always meet there "guy" out after I pay for them and get my guns FTF.
  2. Ok so I live in NC, what is my first step in applying for a sbs tax stamp? Print the forms from the atf, or go to the local po po office? thanks Mike
  3. Thanks all. I finally got it open, theres no tension on the BHO, so the spring will need some work. For some reason the bolt want go back into the chamber. I have it in the right position to insert, however it want go. I cycled the bolt several times before i took it out along with the gas rod spring so i dont know what could be in the way.. I took it to the dealer i bought it from and there gonna get it to the smith who converts them. Mike
  4. Well I was gonna get my saiga 12 out to shoot, when i noticed the bho was missing...(WTF?) yeah thats what i was thinking, anyways I cant unlcok the bolt from the open position, or take the gun apart because the bolt is open... ??? Last time i shot it, i remember backing the bolt, and locking it.. what happend since then i dont know.. what do I do to open this bitch??? The BHO tab is either gone or inside the gun....///+++@#_)W@$()@($@)#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Mike
  5. To hell with all the haters.. hate on! Will I love the show, keep up the great work man! Mike
  6. Loved the first episode of the new season!! Cant wait for more!! Will, if im ever down in La, im gonna have to look the store up! Take care Michael
  7. On the recent episode of "Sons of guns" the one with the two m16's mounted to a boat, Steph showed a woman some saigas and one of them had a tri rail that was all plastic on the handguard. Who sells that handguard and who makes it? thanks Michael
  8. That will be the cats meow for coyotes! Great work!
  9. I love all the episodes so far.. well executed!!! Great job Will and team! Mike
  10. http://cheaperthandirt.com/blog/?p=5659&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=KSGFacebookSocial010310 Yeah gotta put this on the list with the PMR-30 which i havent gotten yet cause no one has them..lol!!!!
  11. Funny damn thing!!! I DID THE SAME EXACT thing last night!! I bought some fine tip paint pens from walmart yesterday and did my s12 as well.. ill post some pics up later.
  12. 499.99 At a "Classic" type of arms store. ( edited to remove the name of a non forum vendor )
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