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  1. Wondering what you guys would rec. for trap skeet shooting, ghost ring kebs bead etc. or would the original sights be just fine? Thanks
  2. Anyone have one? Thinking about just saying screw it and plopping down for a Dillon 900 = just wondering if anyone has any experience with one or if MEC is better machine to go with? Figure with Dillon's reputation it's a good machine.
  3. Thanks FIC, the raddlock is a PITA to remove though, my buddy has one on his AK and he came out here and we went shooting, trying to unghey it he cut his fingers up pretty bad and couldn't get the mag spring back in until he got home.
  4. You know what wheel, I used to have respect for you because you usually gave a respectful opposition/opinion. However, if you honestly feel that it is okay to sit there and refer to someone else's HOME as shit fuck, well you can go and FYS. Stay gone, we don't need people who will give up on a fight and flee. Maybe all the pansies who leave the state because of the laws can all go to one state and live there in a euphoric glee, because we sure as hell don't need you here. Darin If by fleeing you consider doing 8 years for my country, 4 of those in the middle east fleeing, then ye
  5. Only pic i got from them For visiting or god forbid you live in that shitfuck state no semi auto shotgun can have a detachable magazine, so you need a magazine lock to lock the mag in place. Most locks disable it for good, I'm only visiting for the weekend and I want my saiga 12 back to normal when I come back home. Thanks but they want like $300 just for the setup fee, I'm not paying $400+ just for 1 tiny piece of metal for a weekend to play with it in CA. Thanks louielouie
  6. I want to take a couple of my Saiga 12's with me visiting family out in California, but their gay ass gun laws need me to have a magazine lock on my saiga 12 and I don't want to permanently ghey up my S12 so was wondering if someone can make me a temporary lock for it? Something like this, I contacted the people that made this lock but they are a bunch of snot nosed faggots out of california that think their shit doesn't stink saying that I can only buy one if I buy either a standard unconverted one for $1,000 or a BASIC conversion for $1500. LMFAO Ok anyways, if anyone can possibly
  7. Yeah I've got 1 with nylon plugs and one with rivets but I like how they did their and you can't even tell that holes were ever there at all!! Super clean and great job, they pm'd back and said that they do weld the holes. Very cool work.
  8. I was looking at this thread and I don't see any of the rivet holes, anyone know how they covered them up so good and what they used?
  9. Wanted to install an ace block on one of my saiga 12's and was wondering is there a tutorial for it somewhere? I don't want to screw it up and haven't found any threads so far that go over it in too much detail? thanks.
  10. Any of the double stack mags. How would you carry about a bunch of drums anyways???
  11. I think everyone is just busy playing with them right now to be posting too many pics, I know I would be Anyone in the 2,000's getting theirs yet? hehehe
  12. Only a fag would say it shouldn't be allowed. . . Oh look there are 49 faggots registered on this forum.
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