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  1. I absolutely agree with the last 2 posts. The trigger mechanism could be gunked up w/ cosomolene. You can heat the stock in the oven or with near boiling water to help get it all out (then dry thoroughly). If you have mis-matched receiver and bolt numbers there may be mechanical interference between the sear and the firing pin not allowing the sear to rise fully. This can be crazy dangerous even if it doesn't fire as soon as closed. A good sneeze or bump could set it off. Be careful.
  2. That right there will mess up an entire afternoon at the range. I hope he was using a chronometer. I wanna see the numbers!
  3. At the time (1899) high velocity powders (cordite) and jacketed bullets were just coming into wide use. While mini-balls before that time often deformed on penetration their velocity was so low as to have little shock effect on the wound channel. Consider that the 303 British was introduced in the 1880s (IIRC) and the 7.62X54R was of course used in the 1891 Mosin Nagant. Before Hague the British at least were using hollow points and cordite in their empire with devastating effect. I imagine people were horrified at the nature of the wounds but it is more the ever increasing projectile velocity that is more to blame in my opinion. Hague is outdated but who wants to be the first to propose eliminating this rule in a "peace loving" world? Yes, thanks OP for a good thread.
  4. this says it all: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a5b_1257739114
  5. [guote] Is it so horrible to ID people as they exit the show? Dude, are you kidding? can you picture asking gun show people to show ID and do a background check to even get in a show? No way. No part of that is constitutional. You have rights, you know. The government does not have the right to just walk up to you and say "papers, please" to see if you are worthy to own a gun.
  6. Well, interesting. I just bought a PT100 at the Fort Worth show (private sale). Sweet deal. I gotta say, if the place is overrun with illegals and felons buying stuff to take to Mexico etc., well it is reasonably within the police authority to restrict a public nuisance. They could ban the shows altogether if they wanted, just as they can say you can't have a strip club in a mall. They aren't banning private sales, just private sales At this location/event. It is also certainly within the lessor's right just as a restaurant can ban you from selling hot dogs to their customers on their premises. It's a slippery slope but we know there is a problem in Austin and San Antonio with illegals and drug gangs buying there. Better to limit private sales than have everyone face getting ID'ed coming out of the show. How else to keep weapons out of the hands of those who can't legally buy them?
  7. Well, well. Look what the Nebraska boy was carrying. Another not-an-SKS, it seems edit... just heard it's a WASR
  8. Guys, you misunderstand. I was referring to the neighbors, bystanders, and innocents in you house hypothetically injured by using a rifle in a suburb. Of course the perp is toast. There was a story in the paper here some time back of a kid discharging dad's .270 in the house. That soft tip went through 3 neighboring houses.
  9. US, 357s are just to big to carry concealed all the time, for me anyway. Indy, it's not a cop but a grand jury you might have to explain that to. Next is the relatives and their lawyers.
  10. I have a CHL and regularly carry. The .38 can peek around corners better than any long gun. I practice regularly and I'm accurate. The number one determiner is whether you hit what you shoot at. A miss with a cannon is still a miss. ----- I like the 1911 but it's just too big to carry around (at least where I live). The .45 is a "Stop 'em cold" round. I've been toying with the idea of getting a .44 magnum for 'around the house.' ----- Home invasion may be bigger where you are than where I live but we see far more straight up B&E. Still, a gun by the door doesn't help if the bad guy barges through the door before you get there. I've heard they don't knock
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