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  1. I'm turning my muzzle down from 17x1 to 5/8x24, since the difference is only .04". Someone else on another thread did this. search "ak-74 brake saiga 308" to find that thread.
  2. Wobble a bit. Still look way nice. Will see how they feed tomorrow night at the range.
  3. That just makes the whole thing overly heavy. If you can't tote these things very far or for very long, their utility is greatly diminished. Agreed, but the fact that 308s typically utilize a polymer mag may negate that somewhat. I know my 16" is fairly heavy and don't know what 21" would be like (how many more lbs? Anyone?)
  4. There is a very significant difference in potency between a 16 inch 308 and a 16 inch 7.62x39. The longer barreled Saiga is too front heavy, especially if you want to add a muzzle device. I'd say 18 inches would be a great compromise in terms of velocity and handling. Perhaps a heavier stock to counterbalance the weight?
  5. I thought about putting an ak-74 brake on the front of mine, simply because of the ability to index the brake and not having to thread the barrel directly, but decided against it because the barrel would have to be turned down a lot, plus the holes for the pins are on the bottom as opposed to the top.
  6. I was asking because I noticed one made by "Darkmetal-Design". Anyone heard of this? It's a 5/8 x 24" one but I'll have to turn down the muzzle a wee bit to accept this size.
  7. Anyone use one of these styles of compensator? Supposedly, it may help reduce the amount of noise somewhat due to gases expanding inside of the brake. Also, I'm curious as to whether the brake pushes back, sort of like a slant brake. Just checking if it's gimmicky or not.
  8. I was going to thread the barrel on my s308, and just wanted to check if I should measure the barrel diameter so I know which dinzag part to order. What do most 308's use? 17x1 or 5/8x24?
  9. Spoke to someone at the DPH Arms booth today at the Dixie gun show here in Raleigh. I was actually looking for another 308 fsb as I dinged the one I had trying to get it out. He mentioned that they had some in shop but they're using them for development of a muzzle brake. I'm guessing it's a brake that doesn't require threading (otherwise, why would you need the fsb?). Anywho, just wanted to send that feeler out.
  10. search for "UTG Model 47 Combat Butt Pad", under $10 from a well known distributor.
  11. Was going to get going on this project as I've just removed the stock FSB. I'm thinking about taking it down to the local gunsmith to get the barrel turned down for 80 bucks. Problem is that the pin holes are positioned so that they go on the bottom as opposed to the top of the barrel, plus you'd have to chew heavily into the barrel to get pins to go through. How'd you get that job done? I would really like to have this extra '74 styled FSB since it's already threaded and there's a retainer pin.
  12. I haven't run an ultimak on a 308, but it's all a matter of grinding out a bit of the meat on the clamping ring. I could care less about the side rails and I could affix a small rail on the bottom of the lower handguard if necessary. For my 5.45, I have a POSP scope and Bushnell low profile red dot simultaneously. No real obstruction of sight picture.
  13. He's a friend to gun companies. He's not a friend to gun owners. They are not incompatible. Our country is centered around the concept of "you can keep your guns if your criminal record is squeaky clean and you are willing to live in fear from the BATFE". You can have robust gun sales and yet heavily restrict gun rights (after all, there's 300 million potential customers so cutting out 90% for one reason or another still leaves a lot of room for profit). Similar to how Germans lived in the Third Reich, life was good for you as long as you did what you were told and didn't even think about
  14. It looks to me from the other threads that the 21" is just as accurate as the 16". Maybe the barrel whip is offset by the longer sight radius? I'm thinking about selling the 16" and going with the 21" or ver21. Edit: does anyone know if the muzzle brake, adding about 1/2 - 1" of length helps the concussive blast? The other possibility is putting an ak-74 brake I have lying around on it and either the bulgarian flash hider or ak-74 style brake.
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