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  1. The safety is supposed to work that way???? It gets stuck in the bolt and I have to pry it out with a tool to move it to F. Stupid Ruskies! Is the Krebs or Dinzag mod safety easier to move to F from being stuck in the bolt? Or maybe I just need to bend it a bit so it is easier to move?
  2. Here is a picture of it. Note how it is way past the S position. To move it back down I need to use a tool to lift it up and move it. Maybe the mod you described is what I need.
  3. doublehorse


    I dont like the stock safety lever on my S12. If I push it too far upward it gets stuck. And it is not easy to move between F and S. How can I replace/fix this?
  4. Bump. I'm interested in this if it works with the Dinzag FSB and is not a PITA to install. Any news?
  5. I have narrowed down my sight upgrade to either a Krebs ghost ring or a short Dinzag FSB. My concern with the Krebs is the difficulty installing the rear sight (I don't have tools or skill to mess with it too much), and the difficulty doing windage adjustment. The Dinzag FSB seems easy to install and is windage adjustable. On the Dinzig, does the stock front sight bead get in the way of the sight picture? Are there other things I should know about these two set ups to help me decide which to get?
  6. Do they have a windage adjustment?
  7. I was going to order the Krebs but will wait based on your comment about new sights. Any more info on them?
  8. The safety on my S12 scratches the frame everytime I move it. Is this how all S12s are? If not, what can I do to stop this?
  9. doublehorse


    Has anyone used the KA-1212 brake/suppressor on their S12? What are your experiences (installation, use, effectiveness)?
  10. Thanks! The quarter worked. It got pretty mangled though. Had to use pliers with it to get the plug out. I like the gunfixer plug much better. Easier to adjust. Will try it at the range soon.
  11. I got my new S12 and want to replace the stock gas plug with the gunfixer one. How do I remove the gas plug? It seems really stuck in there. It won't budge!! How can you even change it from 2 to 1 in the field??
  12. What brand tall FSB did you get (Russian, Dinzag, etc.)?
  13. I use an earlier version of this bag: http://www.onesourcetactical.com/index.asp...amp;ProdID=1186 It holds all four of my AGPs, plus several pistol mags, a Glock, water bottle, and more. With all the AGPs, the cover closes but the mags are visible. For more covert usage, you could get 2 or three inside.
  14. Yup, has the standard M22x0.75 threads and a lockring. We're working on a big batch of them right now and will try to put together a package deal for Saiga-12 members sometime in January to coincide with the start of our advertising sponsorship here. Has anyone heard anything about the 'package deal' mentioned on this forum back on December 18th? I am nearing the completion of my latest Saiga 12 conversion and I wanted to incorporate a KA-1212. I would be interested in one as well. +1
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