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  1. Will your Corvette run on diesel?
  2. Well, the poll is null and void; I bought the Russian
  3. I am about to have a polymer side folder installed on my SGL 21. Should I go with the 4.5mmpin or the 5.5mm pin? Pros/cons?
  4. Check your numbers on the parts of the gun. If they all match, it is highly unlikely that the gun was built from a kit in the US on a FEG receiver
  5. Just finished with mine earlier... for now
  6. A customer at my store had one of those transferred in. Nice piece
  7. If it is not threaded and it already fits up in the brake, you don't have enough meat on the barrel to thread it. It looks like one of those that has had the threads spun off of it. Sorry
  8. Yeah, I asked Ray at Saigatech a couple of years ago to cut my barrel and weld on a brake and he lost his shit. 2 weeks of going back and forth. hammering out details of my conversion-to-be were lost, because I refused to talk to him anymore
  9. Im prety sure he said (in a previous thread), that there is no gas piston and the gas block is welded, thus making it a straight pull back non semi auto. Among other uk requirements. Sorry... I must have missed that
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