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  1. i just picked up a norinco hunter already converted to pg config for $275 in pgh. It has a fal grip that i'm gonna replace with a saw grip. other than that it's great.
  2. well, i guess i'm done here then pat
  3. why am i suddenly unable to post to the wtt/wts board? i tried emailing the given email addy but noone answers it. pat
  4. "a liberal is just a conservative that hasn't been mugged yet" anon. pat
  5. a guy on arf.com did it and posted pics in the ak forum. http://ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=4&f=64&t=96741 pat
  6. aww shit guy, i traded this item and forgot to edit the post. actually i thought i did edit the post? pat
  7. do you know if the 203 hg's will work with a carbine length 37mm? i would guess they would, but i don't have any experience with using them that way. i will take the buis an the clamps. maybe the handguard with sights. let me kow what payment you want pat
  8. could i get a pic of the dual aperture sight please? and i'm interested in the mag clips pat
  9. wow, no interest?? additional commie goodness, mags ae still in cosmo. pat
  10. i have a nice sar1, comes with a romy folding stock as well as the original wood. 2 thirty rounders. this guns barrel is not threaded, but is chrome lined and hs no bayonet lug. i'm looking for a decent sar 3 or other 223, but would consider other trades as well. let me know what you got. pat
  11. is there any chance you would consider any trades on the sar 3? pat
  12. pg forarm is traded. if you are interested in anything else let me know pat
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