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  1. I've had my order in for a while, what is the latest update as far as when you will be shipping these out? Thanks....Don
  2. I put a little of 00..a few slugs and #6 through it...no problems.
  3. Just got a second S12..Took it out and shot 50 or so rounds thru it with NO PROBLEMS! However when I tore it down for cleaning I could only see one gas port and just a SMALL SECTION of two more. My question is this...since it cycled with no problem should I even worry about it or should I , since it is new and under warranty send it back to CGW fot them to clear the ports? I haven't made up my mind if I will convert this one or not. I probably will at some time.
  4. The 14 parts include the three that make up the magazines, so you are good to go. The shotguns are a little different. I strongly recommend buying a Tromix DIY Triggerguard because you won't have to drill a hole for the pistol grip nut and it has a selector stop built in. Well worth the money. +1 on the Tromix DIY!
  5. I got mine in today..THANKS GREG! I installed it and am ordering three more tomorrow...just wanted to make sure I was gonna like it! One word..AWESOME! Way to go Tony!
  6. Great guy to deal with!

  7. How do you tell the "real thing" and where can I find them and what should I expect to pay for them? I have 4 10 rounders and an MD drum but I 'd like to get my hands on a couple of these....OBTW..... THIS is an addicting hobby...I'm a relative NooB and I already converted my first 12...bought a 7.62x39 and ordered a SECOND 12 guage today....in less than two months..I figure THIS administration is likely to ban these babies and I want to stock up while I can!
  8. Since you don't seem to want to put a link...and Ihave no idea who you are referring to plz PM me the info.
  9. I recently did the conversion on my Saiga 12...I just picked up a brand new Saige 7.62x39...I would like to convert it also. Will the Tromix DIY trigger guard designed for the 12 ga work for the 7.62?
  10. Thanks to all!! I haven't had time to look at it yet because of work but I plan on checking it out tomorrow..Thanks Again!
  11. So I watch the videos....several times..and I try the conversion on my S12..I THOUGHT everything was okay..until I took it to the range tonight..EVERY TIME I fire it the trigger doesn't return to full cycle..I have to flick it forward and then it will fire again..WTF did I do wrong and how do I fix it?! HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  12. Totally friggin AWESOME!
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