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    Veterans Day

    God Bless and a HUGE thank you to all of our beloved Veterans and their families. Sincerely, Zach Kross, LLC

    Gas plug settings using MD Drum AND AGP Mags

    That really depends on shotgun class and division as well as the course design/stage setup. If it's more of a CQB course design where manueverability is paramount he'll have a nice advantage with the Tromix S17 and an MD20. From my experience most non-slug stage shotgun course targets are set up at about pistol-distance range where the 8" setup has no problem at all. In this video Mike is using Remington #8 birdshot from about 33' away. No problem hitting targets and knocking down steel targets at a nice pace. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGYPnB_pjeQ Zach Kross, LLC

    What's a decent low cost handguard with rails?

    Our tri-rails will be going on sale soon as well. Zach Kross, LLC

    Limbersaver - Holy Moley!

    I commented on the Limbsaver in another thread but I'll say here as well that the difference in comfort is noticeable, however, the particular model I have tested is different from the one pictured. In my experience the pressure difference on the S12 with high brass loads is light jabs to more of shoving feel. Zach Kross, LLC

    New Here Looking for a Conversion Company

    Congrats on the Tromix, SP. The more you shoot it, the more you'll love it. Zach Kross, LLC

    S-17 12''weight class

    Ojinok2, Congrats on the Tromix purchase. Our Hellion HG for the 12" S17 is pretty light, I don't think you'll feel any significant difference in overall weight of your S17 with it on or off. Also, if felt recoil is at all a concern I highly recommend you have Tony install one of his custom fit Limbsavers if you haven't done so already. I run one on my personal 8" S17 and, considering the platform, couldn't believe how comfortable it is to shoot. Let me know if there's anything more I can do to assist you. Thanks, Zach Kross, LLC

    What's the go to drum for the Saiga-12

    You can't go wrong with the MD-20 from MD Arms. We have several here and the quality and value are exceptional. You won't be disappointed. Safe shooting, Zach Kross, LLC

    getting my Saiga12 today!!

    Congrats on the purchase! I still remember my first S12 purchase ... had to wait a week before I could find time to get out to the range! You're going to love it. Be sure to report back on how it ran. Safe shooting, Zach Kross, LLC
  9. A big Happy B-day to the both of you! Zach Kross, LLC
  10. KROSS FA

    Happy Birthday "Capo" Rumore!

    Happy B-Day! All the best! Zach Kross, LLC
  11. KROSS FA

    New Member

    Welcome aboard! Zach Kross, LLC
  12. KROSS FA

    AR style selector/safety switch for S12???

    R&R has a good reputation here so they may be your best bet. Tony Rumore from Tromix did one for his FBI Hostage Rescue Team build, but you'd have to send him an e-mail to see if he'd offer it and would probably only do so if you wanted to get a conversion done at the same time due to being swamped with build orders. Zach Kross, LLC
  13. KROSS FA

    Rifled Saiga-12 Barrel in the works

    Based on the following comments from 1LSWON in his "Slug Gun Report Card" thread, I think this project can be deemed a major success. Not sure if Tony plans on doing any more of these builds, though. Zach Kross, LLC
  14. Cool thread and nice CUCV, Nailbomb. I have an M1009 as well but haven't had time to put much work into it yet. Wife just looked at me like I was crazy when we went to pick it up. Zach Kross, LLC
  15. KROSS FA

    What is best

    What is best? Don't sell it! There are only so many original Tromix SBS's floating around and when the day comes that Tony no longer produces them their value will skyrocket even more. And that's just from a monetary perspective, I haven't even mentioned the grin factor associated with owning one. But if you absolutely must sell it, make the $5 donation here and post an ad in the "Items For Sale" section. I'm sure one of our fine Saiga-12.com members will be more than happy to take it off your hands. Zach Kross, LLC