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  1. this is were I go for 7.62 by 54R..880 rds for $135.00 plus $20.00 shipping http://www.the-armory.com/ I am checking ammo prices here and here 308 was the first round to go MIA and the hardest to find now of course. If and when this dies down I suggest getting into reloading and components. Doesn't help much now of course but nothing but money or patience will get you out of this mess. Now I don't know about anyone else but if I needed something as critical as ammo I wouldn't care where it had to be bought, but there are better prices than ctd. Thanks for the info guys,
  2. once you jab someone in the throat with a Warthog door breacher, you can pretty much lead him around anywhere..
  3. I'd be scared to get my tongue shot off..
  4. sorry if this has been posted before, but I saw it on another gun forum and thought I'd share it http://englishrussia.com/2012/04/22/how-kalashnikov-guns-are-made/
  5. nope, neither have been counter bored and have very nice rifleling(?)..I really wanted this one so I'm not gonna miss the 91/30 , my bro-in- laws co-worker is interested in it, I'm letting it go for $80.00 with sling minus the bayonet and accessories...
  6. Ok I broke down and bought the "Tikka" Finnish M91 model..here are some pics,BTW the Russian Mosin is up for sale..The Finn has matching serial numbers on the bolt and receiver and is dated 1940 with the "Tikka" factory symbol stamped on it.The rifle is 51-1/2" long and with bayonet attached its 5ft-8" long
  7. Imagine that..no "real" doctors or nurses work there, maybe they need to at least teach CPR to their employees
  8. I read somewhere the reason they shoot high is because the average peasant that joined the ranks was told to aim at the biggest part of the torso, usually the chest and/or below(stomach/gut area).then when the round hit, it would usually hit around the upper torso or neck and head area for the definate kill shot...quick way of making the below average conscript a deadly shot...not sure how true that is but it makes sense to me.
  9. thanks for the tip, you can actually buy a post upgrade on that famous auction website that most of us here visit occasionally,I also saw a tool there that allows you to move the sight hood left or right for adjustment purposes, so you don't have to bang it with a hammer and punch
  10. Thanks for bringing that back up..I just stopped kicking myself for not getting it when I had the money the first time..now I'm gonna have to start kicking myself again
  11. shot it today..shoots to the right..the sight hood sits a bit to the left on the dovetail..I guess I needed to attach the bayonet, since it hangs to the right of the barrel..Mosins where sighted with the bayonet attached back in WW2, cause they wanted the soldiers to leave them on all of the time..
  12. oddly enough, the only thing that had cosmoline on it was that stupid little oil bottle, the gun was new out of the box and was displayed in the gun shop, not sure if the gun shop guy cleaned it or what..BTW they had two(my bro-in-law saw mine today and after we shoot it tomorrow he's gonna get the other one), I asked to inspect the other one, which I actually removed from the sealed plastic bag, and it wasn't covered with cosmoline either, but both were very well preserved,and the bores on both were clean and looked real good...the sight on mine was adjusted to the left a bit already and look
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