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  1. I have a polish p64 in 9x18 makarov as an convienence gun, it's solid, uber accurate and was only $150 It's a little more compact than the cz-82, but the cz is a pretty nice gun as well. Any beats having to defend yourself with your fists.
  2. I have thin walls and close neighbors so I wouldn't let a .308 fly if I didn't have to, but I'll risk buckshot. Has anyone here heard any newstory about overpenetration during defense? I've read a lot of accounts of "negligient discharges" going through walls and hitting "bystanders" but many were very suspicious (a recent incident in which a man standing in his living room "cleaning" his 30-06 "accidentally" shot through a wall and hit his wife (who was sitting on the toilet) right between the eyes.... Oh, and she anounced she was divorcing him 15 minutes prior. What I haven't hea
  3. I'm not certain what these images are intended to show. That birdshot can seriously maim or kill? I don't think that is in question, at least not by most. But I think the danger is that the average person may look at these wounds in photographs, terrible as they are, and not have the context to realize the narrow set of circumstances under which such a result is likely to occur. GunFun pretty much covered it. There are a lot of very knowledgeable, objective people with the FBI, IWBA, etc who have made careers out of determining effective loadings. A little research into their reasoning and
  4. Yeah, a tough guy could take any of these birdshot wounds andkeep going..... Or for those who don't mind a little gore (ok, a lot of gore)..... NOT FOR THE EASILY GROSSED OUT: 12 ga birdshot: http://www.documentingreality.com/forum/attachments/f10/347109d1332437159-firearms-gunshot-wound-deaths-part-ii-29.jpg 12 ga birdshot: http://static.flickr.com/12/69269440_bc5f38f35b.jpg?v=0 410 shotgun, birdshot: http://www.documentingreality.com/forum/attachments/f10/18968d1214343781-flare-gun-wound-fired-homemade-12-gauge-filled-screws-flare-gun-wound-fired-homemade-12
  5. Ok, I know this'll get some folks going but my first round in my HD pump gun is S&B rubber buckshot. It gives me a first less than lethaloption, especially for my most likely foe where I live, a troublesome dog. At very close range it would likely be lethal, but I gaurantee the OO buck I have the rest of the magazine full of will do the job. An additional bonus is that in court I can honestly say I tried to do it non lethally. Having been involved in a fatal defense incident my reccomendation is "plan from the court case backwards"
  6. Even with a vest on the bad guy aint getting up to fast. I sell custom armor and can say from having tested a lot of vests that the BFD (back face deformation) from a close range 12 gauge hit is devastating, with buckshot and birdshot appearing the same until you get some range. Scarily sometimes s few birdshot pellets sneak through the kevlar, this never occurs with buckshot. In other words the pellets won't penetrate but there will be a 3" dent in your chest and only 1.57" is considered acceptable BFD. It's hard to be a threat when your busted up ribs are poking into your tattered l
  7. I can't think of anywhere on my body I could take a 4" x 4" hole and still feel frisky
  8. "I'm sorry" is free. My workplace is full of complainers and backstabbers, bogus complaints are common, here is my usual response: "I'm sorry for *insert wrongdoing here*, it was unintentional and I don't know what I was thinking, there is no excuse for it and it will never happen again" Then the matter goes away and I start planning to seriously fuck the bastard that caused the problem, usually just waiting until they commit a fireable offense and then making sure the higher ups find out, they go away forever and I'm happy. Most of the halfwits I work with will endlessly defen
  9. +1 A friend just rotated out of the navy, he learned, then taught others how to use their sidearms and rifles with a single powerpoint lesson per weapon followed by oe magazine fired into a bullet trap, fully 50% of those firing into the bullet trap were so scared of a wussy little M( that he had to wrap his hand around theirs and squeeze the trigger with their finger. This is who is defending our country. When in Hawaii visiting a sonar facility a powerpoint trained kentucky boy was showing us some of the things they pick up, here's how the conversation went: ME: What's that big t
  10. I'm glad to have the freedom from all those pesky civil liberties we were burdened with.
  11. That is messed up. The thing about a democracy is that we vote about stuff we like/dislike Let's leave the violence to the third world.
  12. Was that a hardball round or JHP? FMJ, There was a fair amount of internal damage due to gas expansion, hydrostatic shock, and the resulting temporary wound cavity but He was lucky in that the bullet passed between his radius and ulna... Not that it mattered as the stupid fucker tried to stop a .45 with the back of his head a month later without any success. Luckily for me there was a table and some other crap between it exiting his arm and entering my knee. I did learn how not to take a gun off of a drunk though. Thank you for that, I laughed so hard I nearly blew milk ou
  13. .45 acp FOR THE WIN!!! The first time I ever disarmed someone (smith 3913 or similar) it went off in direct contact with his forearm. There was a black ringed hole going in and a slightly larger hole going out (followed, unfortunately, by a hole going into me). The wound was distinctly unimpressive.
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