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  1. Hey folks... .its been a really long time. Been working non stop it seems since July and I'm glad to be back. Well I now finally have the funds, the trust, and have picked out my first MG. I just have to make an offer. Now the obvious difference here when buying an MG vs the other NFA's is that it is not a commodity but more akin to a collectable e.g baseball cards, 63 Corvettes, original Alberto Vargas lithographs, etc.. in terms of pricing and the inefficiencies of the market. So my question is, when buying from a dealer: 1.) Is the price listed the so called "suckers price"? For example the prices over at autoweapons are really high compared to others. 2.) What do you assume his markup over cost is? 10%, 20% , more, less? What if it is "new made" i.e registered Uzi bolts/ side plates/ tubes that were finally just built into fully operational MG's in the last year or so for the dealer to stock? 3.) How has the economy affected their willingness to deal, if at all? 4.) I have haggled over cars, Les Paul's, 5.0 parts, but never anything as off the beaten path like this. I am asking for your experiences in buying MGs especially if you negotiated a price lower than the listed one. Thank you much in advance. 690.
  2. What event began 10 years later that got us out of it? What I am afraid of is what follows either hyperinflation or even moderate deflation using the Weimar republic as the most recent example. That reminds me of a great book I read, When Money Dies by Adam Fergusson.
  3. Well guys (and gals) since I first joined this forum a few years back I have been saving for my first FA purchase/investment and I finally have the funds to do so. However, I am constantly going back and forth over a few firearms and cannot settle on one. So I thought I would tap into the collective wisdom and opinions of those who have taken the plunge before. To help you out a few details: 1.) The budget is quasi-fixed as it only grows very slowly as we have a new baby, 7lbs 7oz ) 2.) I plan on shooting it, no safe queen for me. (1000 to 1500 rds/yr) 3.) In general, I really like/collect historical firearms especially WWII stuff. So my choices and their rationale are as follows: 1.) MP40 - Been pining after one since I saw the Dirty Dozen and Where Eagles Dare as a little kid. I actually want a tube gun as I can't justify the premium for the correct C&R ones. Downside is parts and mags are mildly to moderately hard to find and expensive. At top end of budget. 2.) Sterling (non suppressed) - Been hearing for awhile that these are pretty cool,reliable, and fun and they do look the part. Parts and mags are available if not plentiful and relatively cheap. Downside, not as sexy as an MP40 IMHO and not WWII. 3.) Reising - They are USMC used in WWII but I've been "meh" on them as they failed miserably in this role. On the plus side, are at the low end price wise allowing me to save serious coin over the MP40. Parts and mags are just ok as far as price. Closed bolt so more accurate. No cottage industry for these to produce new parts like the MP40 and others. 4.) Sten - WWII and much cheaper than MP40. Parts are available and cheap. My brain likes this choice , however, my heart doesn't as it looks like something I'd find in the Khyber Pass. 5.) Ruger AC556 - Plus side: 5.56 Rifle, commercial level quality made, select fire from factory and not a conversion, parts interchange with many mini-14 parts, cost is about the same as the Sterling and less than MP40. Downside not WWII, looks just like Mini-14 to uninitiated (which may be a good thing now that I think about it), Ruger may or may not be servicing these anymore depending on who you talk to. 6.) S&W 76 - Good design, C&R, Navy SEAL/CIA use in Vietnam use in a sense as the Carl Gustav M45. Only SMG S&W ever made. Parts availability? As much $ as AC556 but not MP40. Thompsons, BARs , anything WWII and belt-fed, RDIAS's, M16/AR15 RR's are too expensive and the rest MACs, Uzi's, and others I just don't like them enough to buy for whatever reason. Thanks for all your help.
  4. The only additional information you might get is that it sat on a desk unopened for well over a month before it went pending. My experience with calling in regards to an inordinate delay discovered that it had been processed & approved but the final step to actually mailing it was not done as was indeed sitting on the proverbial desk. I received it about 4 or so days after calling.
  5. I think MD Arms business decision to not release double stacks at this time has created an opening for Chaos to do quite well in this market segment.... I can speak for myself and perhaps quite a few others in that I was holding off any mag purchases until the double stacks came out. If an 8rd metal box or a mini metal drum with OEM reliability were to come out o fill this new void... well then... I know where I would spend my money. You make great products Chaos/Cameron. I only hope this one comes to fruition soon.
  6. Hey y'all, I was eagerly anticipating the Red Dawn remake this fall not only because the original was the most kickass movie I can remember seeing as a kid until T2 came out, but also some of my relatives up in Royal Oak, MI got to be extras. Now... not so much. I just read ( I realize the news came out in March, but I have been busy of late) that plot has been changed and that the Chinese invaders have been replaced by North Koreans by digital post production means. What. The. Hell? This crap prima facie doesn't even appear to be plausible and I think will turn off many that would have gone to see it. Why not change the invaders to the Vietnamese? Hell the Japanese would make as much sense. The sight of the PLA in our backyards on the big screens might make some at least think... what if? Here's the article http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-china-red-dawn-20110316,0,995726.story?track=rss
  7. When I see stuff like that it reminds me why we won the Cold War.
  8. Not so much "famous" people in terms of pop-culture, but more in terms importance to 20th century US history. Gen. Paul Tibbets is the only one anyone will likely know by name, if not for his skillful piloting and will, myself and others may never have been born i.e the potential costs of Operation Downfall. I also have met several of the primary physicists and chemists that worked on the Manhattan Project. One of the physicists relayed to me that he used to carry solid fissile material in his pants pocket as was the custom as they did not know better. He eventually lost the leg decades later as a consequence.
  9. I had a chance to fire one of these one day... I had no idea they were so rare in the states or I would have taken a pic with it. Operated and shot beautifully. Action was as if on greased glass. It wasn't issued in large enough numbers to make any sort of top 10 list, probably too costly to equip a large army with it. Anyway for my .02 the Stg44 should have been maybe #4 if not #3 as it changed the world in the same manner as the contained metallic cartridge or the repeating rifle. Although he did not copy the Stg 44, MK was clearly inspired by it and improved upon it. >>> While the early bird may get the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese.
  10. IIRC in some European nations you are required by local/provincial law to use a suppressor when at the range or hunting. Go figure. Also, in the historical trivia section.... all handguns were going to be put in the 1934 NFA according to initial drafts. However, the FDR admin realized that it would never get past Congress and/or the SCOTUS in that form. Also, the tax was artificially set at $200 as this was the retail price of a 1928 Thompson at that time.
  11. For the same reasons that anyone does. Keep in mind when disparaging the police, they do not make laws... very true, its the people who make the laws. the police are just doing their jobs when they enforce them also, id just like to say that the police should have access to the very best firepower because they have to deal with the very worst of society The people that the police deal with are the EXACT same criminals who are out there victimizing society. Police have to deal with them more often, but the people are one and the same. I agree that the police should have the very best firepower, and so should every other law abiding citizen who has to deal with these same people, which usually precedes when the police have to deal with them. i totally agree man, law abiding citizens should be allowed to own exotic weapons. i think its absurd when people look down on civilians owning high capacity mags, or god forbid, an assault weapon without a bullet button on it. these things are cool, and besides, home invasions have been known to happen. its unfair to impose limitations on us when it could potentially be our lives on the line Yup because....
  12. Hey Indy! Yeah I know I should reload.. been saying that I would invest in the equipment since I got the 458 SOCOM. Now that factory ammo will bleed you dry Well I will finally take up the art late this summer when I get the shop up and running. So what setup do you use? Dillon, Lee, RCBS, other? Any caveats?
  13. Bolt, Bolt Carrier, Trunnion and Front Gas Block are the rate limiting parts. Get the bolts and carriers here in number and the others should not be too hard to investment cast.
  14. Haven't seen 7N1 in a long while for sale online. I have only heard rumors of the availability of the Wolf 200gr FMJ if it was ever really here. Does anyone know if the 200gr projo is anything special like the 7N1? Anyway, I personally like the Yugo brass surplus for a heavy x54 load, nice high BC boattail and good QC in its manufacture. I was dabbling with the idea of getting one of those surplus Ukrainian mosin sniper's with the PU scope and wondered if the 200gr (if it exists for sale) would be worth the extra $ to help bring out the accuracy for a C&R military bolt action match at my range. Usually the guys with the M1903 A4's win but I aim to change that with a little luck and decent ammo.
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