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  1. wow... thx... that is a huge difference I could realistically carry 500 rounds of 223,,, or 300 rounds of 762 but I also consider 762 the superior round. this is a lot to munch on.
  2. I tried to find this through the SEARCH option but couldn't find an answer... My gun to grab if TSHTF is a Benelli Nova Tactical. I can easily carry 4 bandoliers of 50 rounds each... and I have a penchant for "buck and ball" 12 gauge ammo, so my range is actually around 100 yards with a pump shotgun (but obviously within 40 yards my damage yield is much higher.) I am using Paraklese Superbuck and ball... a .58 slug and 9 00 buckshot in each shell. I also have specially made 0000 3 1/2 inch buck rounds that are amazing. I'm a big guy so I can carry a second long gun without it being
  3. Casey, Welcome. I'm a relative Saiga newbie as well... and I have found this forum a wealth of information... and with blessedly little flaming. You didn;t ask about magazines, but if you get to the point you want high capacity magazines... I highly suggest you investigate Csspecs metal magazines. They are custom crafted, and it is the only time I've found where I consider an after market magazine superior to the factory original. (I've tried every after market magazine for the Saiga... and I also have a large stock of factory original mags... but for upgrading to the beauty of true
  4. This isn't an either or. I've got a mini-14 and a Saiga 308. One I will keep long stock and one will become a folder. The reason is versatility. I have two shotguns too. My Beneli Nova will stay stock and my 870 clone will get a folder. This is solely to make one of each more compact and portable. I like to travel and remote camping is a passion for me, but I've had enough nasty experiences to know to travel armed to some places. Unfortunately, you don't always have the luxury of driving to camp. All gear has to be carried in. If it was just animals I had to watch out for
  5. Years ago, probably the stupidest thing I ever did... My first wife and I were volunteer forrest rangers. It was a really cool gig. We had a remote cabin three miles in to the national forrest in California... and our "job" was to keep an eye on the campground in front of our cabin. (I was an infomercial producer and she was a TV show publicist... so our day jobs were night and day different from our night and weekend work as volunteer rangers.) The stupid move... One night it is 2-3am and I'm awakened to a bunch of hooting and the glow of a huge campfire. This was a weekday...
  6. Thanks for the advice. I dropped the poll. (At least I hope I disabled it. I'm not computer savvy.)
  7. Most of us just use our Saiga's for hunting and plinking, but the reality is natural disasters or civil unrest can make things go south pretty fast. In those times my Saiga would be a weapon to protect my family from looters. (I was almost ground zero when the LA Riots started. I had to go pick my first wife up from work with an M1 Benelli, a Colt Sporter, and a Glock 23 while Reginald Denny was getting his head caved in. I grew up in Florida and we had roving mobs of looters after EVERY major hurricane. My second wife was VERY anti gun, but she changed her tune when we had a home invasio
  8. Thanks guys...looking at the Romanian and the K-Var AK-BFS now. After seeing a couple folders at the range, though, I may just keep the regular stock.
  9. Okay... I give up. I've tried researching all the options. I don't want to cut the tang or permanently alter the gun in any way. Can anybody just point me to what the best quality folder will be. When I get home I want to pimp out my 308 completely... and getting a good solid well made folder tops my list.
  10. I'm in Cali now... and I'm using the 10 round CSSPECS metal mag. I absolutely love it. When I was in Michigan I got 3 of the surefires... and they were total crap... wouldn't even lock into the gun. CSSPECS is on the forum. You can use his 10 round mags in Cali... but honestly I can't wait to get back to Michigan and use the 20 round again.
  11. Congrats... that's the best price I've seen. You are going to love the gun. You may want to grab some CSSPECS mags to up your capacity. I've got two and the 10 rounder is the permanent on my gun to grab.
  12. Long story short... fouling in the mag well. I should have put this post up earlier because we solved this as soon as my friend looked at the gun. It was just something as simple as a piece of twig ... but it demonstrated something VERY interesting from a real world perspective. The polymer factory mags and Surefire both didn't overcome the fouling... but the metal CSSPECS did. If TSHTF the reality of getting some kind of fouling in your gun is a very real possibility. (I still remember the video of a guy pouring a couple handfuls of sand into an AK and it still fired fine.) In this cas
  13. I have a 16 inch 308... and I'm astounded at the accuracy I'm getting with iron site shots at 200 and 250 yards. When people describe the Saiga as "not a sniper rifle"... I can agree that it may not be... but it definitely gives you a whole lot more accuracy than many people are crediting it for. I'm not using expensive ammo... just Silver Bear FMJ and SP... and without optics I'm more than impressed with the level of accuracy the rifle provides.
  14. Thanks... I'm finding it fascinating that I'm now using three types of magazines... factory... SurFire... and CSSPECS... with SP I am getting problems with the factory mags... feed problems occasioonally with the SureFire... but the CSSPECS are performing flawlessly with both FMJ and SP. This is the first time I've seen an after market magazine perform better than a factory magazine. Still, I think there needs to be an element of either human error or something here. Saigas are famous for eating everything you feed it flawlessly. I'm going to bring an experienced Saiga shooter to
  15. I don't think the problem is mags being new. The jam is coming on the 3rd or 4th round... but I'll try this anyway. It might be the compression is some how putting the stacking off. Thx
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