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  1. For Max and Jane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5bCYWT_s-o
  2. Wishing all a very merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous New Year!
  3. Your stepdad sounds like the kind of man all of us would have been proud to call our friend. We are proud to call you our friend, and saddened by John's passing. Heartfelt condolences, Chile.
  4. Love it! Built a Mini-Draco for a client and was completely impressed with it. The thing consistently keyholes, but it also consistently hits right where you aim. These are excellent personal defense and 'truck' guns. Micro Draco, Mini Draco, will most likely be my next personal purchase. Set it up like an MP5, with HK sights. Awesome front sight gun! Thanks for posting!
  5. A Marine general officer will soon take the watch on our own borders. We can all sleep a little easier tonight.
  6. Thanks Patriot! I appreciate the kind words. I wouldn't last five minutes in a political job, though
  7. The entire left media establishment is still weeping uncontrollably, rending their robes, and gnashing their teeth due to their spectacular failure to frighten, intimidate, and strong arm the American electorate into surrendering our national identity, and most basic freedoms to the bankrupt cause of totalitarian globalist socialism. I actually got up this morning thinking about the 'identity politics' of the left. The very term 'identity politics' means just one thing - industrial strength institutional political bigotry and outright racism. It is in effect an unyielding political scorche
  8. Well, before we consider Russian 'fake news' we should probably take into consideration the 'fake news' we've had forced down our throats by NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN (et al), and every bought and paid for troll who draws a breath and a paycheck from these media cunts. Thoughts?
  9. Haha! CEO's come and go - at the will of shareholders, which wears thin when these shit stains start using the company balance sheet to back up their foolish politics. A million to BLM? They might as well have donated the money to ISIS.
  10. Never doubted your well earned wisdom for a moment, brother. Congrats to you and the Mrs. on 29 going on 30 years together Dave!
  11. Here's another douche bag at the helm of a great American brand who just cost his company untold millions by injecting his personal politics where they don't belong. So long LEVIS, I'll be shopping for Wranglers (which I prefer anyway). http://fortune.com/2016/11/30/levis-guns/
  12. Putting on my jewelers hat for a moment, and speaking as a long time husband with some experience in this area - I have a couple of thoughts. 1) When a woman has her heart set on a piece of jewelry, its like you or I wanting a particular gun. Let her have what she wants, and when that next must have gun comes along, you'll be much less likely to have to spend the next week or month the dog house. The second thought is (sorry I have to disagree with you Dave), 2) If she wants a diamond, and you buy her an appliance instead - even if she says she likes the washer or whatever, its still a black m
  13. Its not being reported at all in the mainstream media, but over the Thanksgiving weekend there were several terrorist style attacks in Albuquerque NM. The shitbag perp set off explosives and burned an Old Navy store in a heavily trafficked shopping center, A Barnes and Noble in a major shopping mall, a huge brand new multi unit condo development, a Pro-Life counseling center and ministry, and one starbucks, with 'devices' found at two other Starbucks. The local news last night stated that a suspect was in custody, and that well known binary explosives, mason jars full of gasoline, and an A
  14. You kept your wits, exercised your 2nd Amendment right to self defense, and got home safely to your wife and kids. Good on you, Chile!
  15. Words alone are insufficient to describe the contempt I feel for that child's mother, or the compassion I feel for her son. I would take that boy in a New York minute, and be proud to raise him. As for the mother - only a true psychopath traumatizes and abuses their own (or any) child in that manner.
  16. The left and their media lapdogs have worked tirelessly to undermine the constitutional foundations of our republic, replacing free speech, respect, and decency with shame and blame leftist hate politics, ruthlessly going after anyone who dares to speak truth like a school of vicious bloodthirsty piranha. They were within less than three months of transforming this country into a left-fascist nightmare, completely subverting the US constitution, erasing our borders, and for all practical purposes eliminating the rule of law as we know it. Naturally, they are not being very gracious abo
  17. Civics is no longer taught in our shools. American History (real history, not the revisionist garbage the left invents) is no longer taught in our schools. Much of our youth have no concept of a constitutional republic, and this is precisely what their state instructors intended. We are observing a generation (or two) who have been raised without the benefit of understanding that they are Americans, and with no understanding of the rights, responsibilities, and duties inherent in our citizenship. The seething mob believes - through the relentless conditioning they have received in our
  18. Happy Birthday, Gunny - with heartfelt thanks for the excellent moderation work you do here, and for your service to our great nation as a Marine Gunnery Sergeant! Oohrah!!!
  19. Oh, its over. Shes done. Out. The little 'shame bullies' and crybabies don't like it, but the special snowflake types (and there are tens of millions) are learning that magical thinking isn't the same as voting, sometimes things just don't go their way, and that reality isn't a 'safe space' where they can hide from truth. I read that Hillary was crying inconsolably. No doubt she was thinking about all of the backroom deals she and Bill had already made for her presidency, and about the huge pile of illicit cash evaporating before her very eyes as the election returns came in, and it
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