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  1. I have to agree wholeheartedly with storm. An empty gun is absolutely useless, and one with an empty chamber even with a full mag, except using the procedure I do, isn't far behind. ALL of my guns, except my S-12 are "hot", that is, with a full mag and one in the chamber. Keeping a live round in the chamber of an S-12 with the mag downloaded by one, and a slug as first one up provides instant use if surprised by an assailant or intruder. Flipping the safety off can be done while bringing the gun into play, and doesn't cause the delay involved with the fumbling involved in a highly stressful si
  2. Have you tried inserting the SGM mag then slapping the floorplate smartly, maybe several times? The front of the SGMs may be keeping the rear tab from going far enough up to allow the mag catch to seat fully. The fact that you can't see the mag catch is a tip off. It's worth a try. It worked for me.
  3. Probably not the same problem,but when my S-12 that I bought already converted from a noted FAL 'smith, all of my AGP and Surefire mags seated properly. One of 4 of my factory 5 round mags would not lock in place correctly however. Rather than remove metal from the mag catch, which leaves irreversible results, I inserted the errant mag as far as it would go. Then I smartly slapped the floorplate. No go. So I did it again, this time harder. After several repeats of this, all of a sudden, the mag locked in place nice and tightly. I repeated this several times more. Now this mag inserts properly
  4. I have both SureFire and AGP 10 round mags for my S-12. As most members here will attest, barring a problem specific to a gun or possibly a defective mag, both seem to be equally reliable in all respects. Personally however, between them, I prefer the AGP, as the Surefires have that huge blocky floorplate that exacerbates the ungainliness of a 10 round mag. I suggest you buy and try one of each to see which you prefer before buying a necessary large number of either. Remember, there is no such thing as "too many" magazines, kinda like there is no such thing as too much money, horesepower, or s
  5. CSS sells a rail mount tac light that also has a laser on it. Around $85 or $90 IIR. I have one on my S-12, along with an adaptor that allows for a sling mount along with the light. Works great. Check it out.
  6. Pauly, I shoot Federal Value Pak .22RF ammo in my Anschutz and CZ American rifles. It's copper coated. Do you think the Tipton's will do a good job cleaning the bores? And do you know where I can get some? Thanks for your help.
  7. It's a pump shotgun, not semi-auto. That eliminates it from consideration for me. The S-12 still reigns king, and it can hold 10 or even 12 rounds in some aftermarket mags, and 20 in a drum. Not much deliberating there, at least for me.
  8. There is at least one good tutorial in this forum on how to correctly polish the bolt on S-12s. Do a search, or maybe someone else will take pity on you and post a link, as I don't remember the title of the post that has it or them. If you just polished the bolt and carrier till it looked shiny, and didn't follow the now well established procedure to do so correctly, that MAY contribute to your problem. In other words, your polishing possibly added to your problem rather than fixing it. Don't overlook the choice of ammo suggestion. Winchester bulk pack ammo is known to cause FTE and FTF issues
  9. Once again, and for the record, Rep Carolyn McCarthy has announced that she is preparing to file a bill to ban so-called "high capacity magazines". This was right after the tragic incident in Tucson. Several other democommie Congress critters have stated that they want another AWB, but so far, no one has actually filed a bill regarding one. Peter King R- New York has prepared a bill that would make it a crime to possess a gun within 1,000 feet of any administration, Congressional or other official. So far he has not filed it, and most politicians and commentators feel that it will gain no
  10. I agree also that this is probably not going to go anywhere, at least at the Federal level. But keep in mind that there are a few States and many municipalities that may make an effort to seize on this, and use it to rationalize new or more stringent laws to further reduce RKBA, including so-called "high capacity magaines". Writing and calling any that show a propensity to use this as an excuse to implement "High capacity" magazines restrictions, and maybe even more gun control, may not be a bad idea. Note that Levy, co-Counsel to Gura in the Heller and the other gun case, I forget the name of
  11. I was going to advise you to wake up and pay attention to what's happening around you, but for a guy that's so dumb he can't even get my screen name correct when it's printed right in front of you, I guess that wouldn't help much. Pat yourself on the back for being so smart. No one else will.
  12. Carolyn McCarthy has already written and presented a bill in Congress to ban so-called "high capacity magazines". She did it before the blood had dried. The RINO King from NY (NOT Steve King, he's pro-gun, I think) is trying to get a bill passed that would make it illegal to be within 1,000 yards of the President, VP, the Administration Cabinet, and all 525 members of Congress with a gun. The left-wing TV pundits and so-called "news" paper columnists are trying to promote another AWB. Neither will get very far. It's a propaganda ploy, but might convince democommie politicians at State
  13. StarPD


    A sight cannot cause FTE. Failure to eject clearly, depending on the mount, but not FTE. Buy with confidence. The Eotech has a good rep for overall performance (personally, I prefer the Trijicon "Reflex", but it has one flaw; Trijicon will not rebuild it after the Tritium dies after around 12 years). The Eotech (and Reflex) will handle S-12 recoil just fine. Just be sure to use a known reliable mount. I prefer a side mount, of which many of the better ones are QD so you can quickly remove it in case of a rare failure and use iron sights. I also recommend the Burris "FastFire". I have one, an
  14. A friend of mine that owns Arizona Response Systems does a proprietary moly finish called "Metacol". He goes by the screen name of "Gunplumber", and was Gunsmith of the year in 2006 I believe. He is well known and highly respected for his work. He used to build FALs, but due to the lack of parts kits, has turned to AKs. Google him under Arizona Response Systems for more info. Only problem is his popularity leaves him with a fairly long backlog, but try him anyway. HTH.
  15. big_J, do yourself a favor. Give up on chasing your problem. Take Cobra up on his generous offer, and drive to his place and let him fix your gun. He can find and fix your gun a lot faster and easier then you can, and do it right. No offense, but don't forget to practice good manners and call him and make an appointment before you just show up at his place. Let us know what the problem was when you get it running correctly. Good luck to you.
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