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    Finally done with my conversion

    Cant recommend them more. Texas weapon systems stuff is top notch. The ONLY thing I hate about the TWS is the dogleg cover mounting system. The way it pins in is stupid.
  2. JCP281

    Finally done with my conversion

    Thanks guys! Cant wait to go shoot it again..hopefully tomorrow
  3. JCP281

    Finally done with my conversion

    Also for anyone wondering... the reason the peep sight is slid so far forward is because if I put it all the way back, the front sight shrouds are to small. You have to move it forward to make the peep the same size of the front post. EDIT: Here is a vid of everything iv done. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT-UFKVoMy0
  4. JCP281

    Finally done with my conversion

    Heres another pic. Thinking about painting the receiver/barrel dark earth and leaving everything black
  5. JCP281

    The 5.45x39 picture thread

    Tws flat top 5.45
  6. Finally completed my conversion! I did the back end conversion months ago, but iv been deciding what I wanted to do to the front for a while. I decided to go all tws with the dog leg and the handguard. I liked the idea of the handguard because it was easy to install and I didn't have to go through the grief of slotting the barrel for the handguard retainer and all that job initials. I have to say, with the peep sight on the gun, the sight picture is light years better... All I need now is to get the gun refinished and get a decent optic and it's complete. I also want to get a vertical grip and some rail covers but those things are not important. The tws stuff is top notch, worth every penny. It really brings the quality of the gun up ten fold.
  7. JCP281

    Extended handguard

    Sorry to thread jack, but im looking for an extended forearm to mimic the stock handgaurd but would allow me to use a magpull afg. What "extended" forearms fit a saiga? Do the universal ones work?
  8. Just curious what options there are for someone like me that doesn't really care to do the front end conversion and just wants to add on a more robust hand guard with maybe a rail or something. Iv seen a few options, but there are a lot out there that don't say whether or not you need to have a converted front end or not. Just curious if there is a list already on the forums( searched but didn't find). If not maybe one can be generated from this thread.
  9. JCP281

    Thinking of a red dot...

    HAHA...aint that the truth...
  10. JCP281

    Thinking of a red dot...

    Good review Red Star. I havnt been on in a while due to school and working, so I just now read it. I will be picking one up after my wedding in a few weeks I think. Should be able to conjure up some money.
  11. Why do you have a saiga? Are you military? LOL people get things because they like it... thats all that matters.
  12. JCP281

    Rear Sights 5.45

    Can you just drift the front sight to line it back up? Another "fix" would be to drop a crapload of money on a TWS dog leg and rear peep. Hope you get it worked out.
  13. JCP281

    Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Review

    @gunfun, Ill never understand why S&W didnt shorten it up more. Why compete with the LC9 when the PM9/CM9 are top dog in the smaller gun market. Just my opinion of course..
  14. JCP281

    TWS Rail Rear Sight Options

    Good info on the Kel-tec sights. I thought it was kind of a rip off to charge you 40 bucks for something you need like that... but like mentioned, capitalism lol..
  15. JCP281

    Thinking of a red dot...

    Good choice on optic. Im in the same boat as you. I want a red dot but I want to keep my russian rifle...russian. Just seems like the right thing to do! From my research this seems like one of the better of the east block red dots. Whatever you do decide on please update us with a review of some kind!