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  1. saw what was supposed to be the final tour from the vip ramp at 'roo08 while being paid to be there
  2. Tagged to see this play out, good luck with trade I wouldn't mind a spare carrier but like to hold onto my curios...
  3. I wasn't really reacting to you any further. you said it works for you with no condescension that I could tell. Your reasons are pretty much mine, and no bs about religion is related other than protecting my cousins ass.
  4. You have me all figured out. Congratulations. Thanks for the helpful condescension, but I don't plan on displaying it with my worldly tapestries, but with my other Soviet historical shit.
  5. It's like some people would rather shit post(a rule violation btw) than actually answer the question and help. Usually I include this disclaimer at the op but after my first two weeks of college homework I'm partying on the weekends.so it slipped my mind. Why do people collect Japanese or German military history? Or confederate items cost so much money? Why do people have Mexican blankets?
  6. Thanks hpd. Can't stand people posting yet nothing contribution wise. It's none of your business really why I want one but it's already covered in post #7. But to entertain you, the russian conflict rugs and the people in general aren't anti USA. That's just propaganda. The people that are working with my cousin to get this rug are very pro USA. It's not just a rug, it is a hand made, part of military history, and they go for a decent amount of money. If it depicts AK on it even better. I don't even know why I bother to reply, must be the buzz talking. Go away Thanks for your us
  7. That is just one good reason, another would be souvenir that's worth something, now back on topic...any special handling procedures he needs to be wary of?
  8. Thanks, the hold I can get used to, just looking for last minute comments/suggestions before I jump into a set. I am so indecisive. Please keep em coming, and best prices too!
  9. Why not? I am curious why you are curious, but they are a badass collectible piece of history, and I am interested in Russian history. They are a common desirable item on the ak forum, and can cost a high penny when they are sold. I just don't see why it is even a question. and may I shamelessly plug and request you guys visit and comment on my pistol sight thread I just posted. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/95144-shopping-for-pistol-night-sights-opinions-please/
  10. Also if you recommend anything seriously better with pics I will certainly entertain that idea.
  11. I am finally about to order night sights for my od glock 19. I have narrowed it down to Trijicon Bright & tough, and Trijicon HD. There are other very viable options but I need help deciding a few things. 1: green on green or green with yellow rears? I kinda like the green on green but haven't ever played with either. I know we had another thread but this is a little more specific. 2: Point me to the best deals to get these to my door please. Thanks for any input, hope all you experienced will chime in Please and thank you Bo
  12. Thanks for the "construcitve" post but how do you figure? there are real deal rugs on the akf occasionally
  13. Gould and goodrich holster for my od glock 19 Says it's for a glock 17 but the guy says a 19 fits fine, if anyone knows please chime in
  14. My cousin is deployed and I asked him to find me a badass prayer rug depicting the russian conflict. Hope he finds one, but are there any special handling instructions he needs to be concerned with since its a religious item? Just don't want him in any trouble he has a bright future ahead as a blackhawk mechanic.
  15. I'd keep it and don't fret over its rarity, it's just that it was for leo only and the factory top tier as far as non competition models go. Just know that you have one lots of guys, including myself, wish to have.
  16. Yes, 45 is better for a can which we know you will want to use
  17. Have you paid attention at all? Do not attempt to do any business with him, he's had parts for over a year!
  18. Thanks guys! I'm typing this out on a used laptop I just got from a friend. First computer I've personally owned in years! No more being forced to use my phone for everything, but it is nice to have the ability with a top notch htc and years of practice. Start tomorrow morning!
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