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  1. The woman keeping such close contact with HRC looks suspiciously like Dr. Bardack. I think Clinton's health is likely to be more of an issue than they have been forced to admit so far. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3786445/Is-Hillary-Clinton-s-undercover-nurse-Pictures-unnamed-woman-checking-candidate-s-pulse-performing-neurological-test-collapsed-9-11-memorial.html http://twitchy.com/gregp-3534/2016/09/13/who-is-the-mystery-woman-in-the-blue-dress-next-to-hillary-clinton/
  2. Clinton Cash is now available on youtube. Somehow black lives don't matter when they are in Haiti, but noone is calling her on it. 4 mile fence around the DNC convention? Hillary says walls don't work.
  3. I have been a bit slow in getting these, as I picked up enough of the Russian 8 rounders circa 2010 to satisfy me. However, I am very pleased with the three 10 rounders that I just bought. They fit perfectly out of the box, and were 100% reliable with the first 90 rounds I put through them. Thank you for making these. Top quality and excellent value!
  4. Ok, someone please explain this to me because I am confused. What happened to the "off duty police officer" who first engaged Mateen in a firefight. He did not stop Mateen. Did he miss all of his shots and run away? If he was killed by Mateen why is there no info on a hero who tried to stop the terrorist? Did he follow Mateen into the club and still not manage to stop him? Does anyone have intel on this individual and his story? Since this was apparently a suicide mission to achieve martyrdom, why take hostages? Even if he ran out of ammo he could keep killing with a knife, or a bottle,
  5. Thanks so much for posting about never10 I have tried some other things without success. Not only am I rid of the annoyance, but reclaiming about 6 GB of installation files that ms surreptitiously put on my drive is great.
  6. She can only be beaten by a man who promises to become a woman if elected...
  7. Don't really need a diagnosis: some would say that merely being prescribed any drug with an association with increased suicidal thinking or violent behavior is enough to arouse suspicion: i.e. "Serious neuropsychiatric events including, but not limited to, depression, suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, and completed suicide have been reported in patients taking CHANTIX." "....Consider Nassau County, Long Island, a populous suburban county east of New York City. The Nassau County Police Department (ncpd) oversees the issuance of handgun licenses, which must be renewed every five years.
  8. Tromix does make a heavy pin and a stronger spring. I am using it without issues.
  9. Fascinating technical stuff, but way beyond my abilities. Tom as always stands behind his work and sent back a repaired carrier that looks very good. The R and R works perfectly for at least the first 160 rounds of birdshot and 5 of 00 buck. I don't know how its steel differs from Izhmash but suspect that it does. As for the design, I don't know why the end tapers down around the piston attachment, there is no need to have the area so thin. Bottom line imo and experience is that if the S12 fills an important home defense or business niche, then having a second bolt carrier/piston r
  10. Don't know the exact process, but it was Tom at Cadiz with a new bolt carrier and his HD rod. Less than 1200 rounds though it and you see the result. My original carrier failed at about 7500 rounds and we tig welded in an HD rod, which failed within 250 rounds. I am not sure that the rod matters so much when the design of the carrier has so little metal around the threads of the rod. The steel might not be perfect also, but these were two Izhmash carriers presumably years apart in manufacture. Alas, but thank you for your sympathy.
  11. Badly designed bolt carrier, imo. This is the second new carrier with a hd rod that I had fail. Going to take a new R and R carrier out to try tomorrow. And for those who are interested, the gun is a 2007 Tromix and I don't think it is overgassed. Almost all I shoot through it is birdshot at the skeet range.
  12. Dead thread walking! Here are some another picture for your collection, Pauly. New bolt carrier with HD rod after about 1200 skeet rounds. I must be having some bolt carrier karma issue here. On the other hand, the quality control of these items might not be the highest....
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