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  1. I have used several of these TWS Gen II rails. I feel like they are too soft. The button assembly they provide is made of weak material. Aluminum, perhaps? It bent putting it together. Not near as tough as the stock part. The bolt makes wear marks on the inside of the cover. After just 200 rounds I think this may lead to other issues, as it may start to break. The railing on top seems sturdy enough. However, I am greatly concerned as I have heard from a buddy of mine who shots far more than me that the joint where it fits into the sight block previously home to the leaf sight, say it wears out there and becomes unstable, making it hard to maintain zero. He also says he noted warping around the same area of the rail where it connects to the old leaf sight. I am not surprised, as I see this product is soft. I'm afraid steel might have been a better material to build this with. On to the button.... The newer version of the rail comes with a metal buffer by the button. It is said to be there for Saiga AKs, as the top covers have had issues with coming off. I have noted that these buttons have a pin that holds them in. After 200 rounds you will note as I did that the pins starts walking out. I just got rid of them. I no longer am hyped up about this product, and I no longer have confidence in them. I called their phone number and left a message about my concerns and have not heard back. That was about 2 months ago. I also went through hell trying to contact them when my order was in place. They basically dropped off the map for a week a while ago. As a result of my observations I cannot recommend this product but would instead recommend the AKARS, as I have heard tons of great things about them. Sturdy and true. Reinforced around the leaf sight area.
  2. Another update... That mag was in fact damaged, and the G21 did in fact run well for a time after I used newer mags, BUT it started giving issues all over again. Talk about crappy luck. So I did finally notice that the frame of the G21 was the problem. The molding the receiver was made in left too much plastic on in the front of the gun where the front of the slide made contact. It only does this when a full magazine is installed. So, I lightly filed down the front of the receiver with a dull file, which worked well in this application. Now the G21 runs like a new sewing machine. Confidence is fully restore and no problems since. Whew! I think the only reason it worked so well after the first fix with newer magazines is because I lubed it up really well on the slide. When the oil ran out the gun started having issues again. I figured it had to be something else since I've seen them run really well without oil. I hope this helps you guys out if you have or know anyone who has the same issue. Thanks for sticking it out with me and offering all that good advice!!
  3. Bro, we are definitely on the same wavelength!!!
  4. Good work my fellow Brother in Arms!
  5. At an angle. Keep the angle. An easy way to do this, is to set it up in your drill press with a 5/64 bit slipping in the ports, then clamp down & change to a 3/32 drill or milling bit. Dude thats an awesome pic!!
  6. When opening up the gas ports to 3/32, do you have to drill them at an angle like the original ports, or can you drill them out straight down? Thanks
  7. Fireman550, please share with us where this link was that helped you remove your gas block. Thanks!! Ohthejoy
  8. Hey Tare that's interesting... I put one of MD Arms V-plugs in my stock Saiga 12 today and shot it a bit. I noticed it needs to be on setting #4 to cycle high brass through a 10 round AGP and setting 5 (+) to cycle high brass in an MD Arms 20 round drum. I was wondering if this was going to kill my S12, but perhaps not? I know the gun is not broke in yet. I'm guessing I'm about 150 rounds away. But, sounds like it will be ok until the thing is broke in and then it might hurt it if I keep it wide open using a drum...I'm on the right track??
  9. Man, I always hate it when people resell some crap. The trick of it that when you do something like that it always comes back to you in a different way.
  10. Fellow Gun Nuts, I took another look at a 13 round mag I'm pretty sure I got with the gun. The lips looked worse than Mick Jagger. To isolate my issue I took 4 new-ish 10 round mags (I know, they suck) and went out to the range, using the reloads a buddy of mine made. I loaded 2 of the mags with 9 rounds and 2 with only one round. The 2 with 9 rounds fired flawlessly, as one would expect from a Glock. The slide grabbed the rounds out of the mag and moved them into battery, even when I deliberately limp-wristed it. I shot slow and just a little fast and had no problems. The slide lock did work as advertised after the last rounds were fired. I then shot the mags with only one round to re-verify the slide lock was working. I again have confidence in this particular G21. I'm going to pitch that 13 round mag, since it was apparently the culprit that gave me so much trouble. I was trying to take a picture to show all of you, but the camera would not focus very well on the magazine's lips. I do want to thank all of you for your input and support. -Ohthejoy
  11. You do know that there is a certain way that that plastic firing pin collar needs to be installed, right? You can't have the ends of the firing pin spring touch where the collar is split at when assembling them together. You should get yourself the Ptooma Glock guide book. Lots of good info found in it. Thanks, Gaddis! I'm gonna have a look at it and make sure it's right. I appreciate the heads up!
  12. Sounds good. I need to get out and test it again. I should be able to on Friday. I will do so and post the detailed results
  13. Just gotta throw in my 2 cents.... Using the JT spring I have flawless performance from 2 S12s and 2 Arsenal AK-47s. I've modified/converted several AK-47s and .223 AKs and never noticed an issue. Never heard of light strikes with it until I saw this thread. I'd buy more if they were in stock. Carolina Shooter's Supply is out. Just my 2 cents...
  14. The ammo was Federal. I like the stuff and so do my other Glocks. Shoots straight for me. The reloads are a couple of years old and are 230 grain FMJ.
  15. Tare...I did go back through the gun and it looks like the slide lock is working just fine and the mag looks like crap around the follower. The gun was way cleaner inside than I thought it would be. Actually, it was pretty dry. I lubed it up, except for the firing pin. When I was inspecting the firing pin, the plastic collar at the top by the pin that holds the spring on the firing pin came out in two pieces. I looked at it and it seems like it was made in two pieces that work together to hold the spring on the firing pin. I pushed them back down and everything locked back up in place. I reassembled the piece and will test fire it again tomorrow. As far as the barrel, yup I only fire jacketed bullets. Someday I would like to get a Lone Wolf barrel and try it out. I'm understanding lead bullets can be fired out of those. Thanks again for your input...
  16. Ok gents, I just thought of something. I already shot regular factory loads in the G21 but I forgot about it. I did replace that recoil spring with one from another G21, which seems to help, but it still does not have enough power to lock the slide back on the last round consistently. The slide lock seems fine, correctly installed, and plenty of springiness. Where does that leave us now?
  17. Thanks for the reply TwentyNizzo. Yup, I put that slide stop and spring back in correctly. I'm glad you asked, because they are easy to miss if you are not being deliberate about it...
  18. ...Alright, gents I had another look at the slide lock. It has plenty of tension on it, and is installed correctly, so I get the idea that it was working well. I do recall shooting some reloads with it. Perhaps it was just a week load? A friend of mine who is a good reloader made them. Perhaps he just missed on the powder levels and this Glock just likes a hotter load? You guys think I'm chasing rabbit trails here?
  19. Tare, thanks for the reply... Well, come to think of it, the trigger was not able to be pulled with the first issue. I checked it for dirt and crap, and it seems fine, which is disappointing if that was the issue because these things should be able to be fired when totally dirty. I did a swap with the recoil spring and that problem appeared to go away. This slide not locking is a new issue altogether and very frustrating. Pretty sure my thumb wasn't in the way. Not too sure that's ever been an issue with any of my Glocks. I really do appreciate the input. Seems like this Glock was just a lemon!
  20. Thanks for the reply, KJ... Yup theyy are new mags. It better not be a mag issue. Crap, it's a new 13 rounder... Perhaps this slide lock is the culprit like what Gaddis was saying
  21. Hey bro, thanks for the reply... Correct, the slide does automatically lock to the rear when the last round is fired. I hope it's not the mag, as it's a brand new Glock factory mag. Perhaps it's this slide stop you are talking about. Sounds pretty cheap, so I'll look into that...
  22. Hey guys! I have a question about a Glock 21 I recently bought used. I have two problems. First, The gun would FTF on several occasions. Just firing like normal and the thing would not go off. Primer was not getting struck on occasion with trigger pull, so I replaced the recoil spring and spring guide with one from another G21 and now it seems to work. However, now it does consistently lock the bolt to the rear when the last round is fired. Now what gives? A little help please... Rick
  23. Ha! Yeah, me too! I want it, I want it!
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