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  1. http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-981/LRBHO-SAIGA-LAST-ROUND/Detail Is this not it?
  2. That looks nice! I want a 8" Tromix but wasn't sure if it had to have the stuff they show on the site or not. Some of the stuff I wouldn't want, I like how that one looks. Is it any cheaper to just have them shorten the barrel/ gas system, maybe add HK sights, weld holes-back plate?
  3. Can't find the remote to turn the TV off? Saiga-12! Replacing dry wall? Saiga-12! Toilet won't flush? Saiga-12! Car won't start? Saiga-12! Can't find a can opener? Saiga-12! Best thread on here? Saiga-12!
  4. I have read on here in the past about the pin in the magazine release tab walking out, this happened to me a long time ago and I put it back in and it was fine as long as i watched it, still wanted to walk but id push it back in every so often. Then eventually I converted my saiga and put it back together recently, i took it to the range to test fire since converting it this weekend. Every time I'd do one drum dump it would walk out very far almost to the point of falling but just barely missing the hole on one side, I could maneuver it back in thankfully because I hate dealing with that magaz
  5. Yeah, that one was from my Saiga when it was in its original configuration last year. This evening I just now got it all back together basically with the adding of an Ace stock and folding mechanism, minus a few extras before I deem it complete. But it is in shoot-able condition now. I am excited to test it out. I know how you feel about having it as a box-o-parts, Mine has been like that for a good part of this year until now.
  6. Ah thanks, Paulyski. Good to know, now I'm going to make another this weekend.
  7. This may be a silly question, but i took out my adjustable gas plug this evening and was looking around inside the gas block after taking my puck out and i noticed a couple areas of buildup so i just picked them away with a pocket knife, then i saw like a circular area at the very top of the gas block directly over the gas ports, looked to be right under the front sight. Inside was a circular looking object that filled it in flush with the top of the gas block, i picked at it with my knife and it came out, looking like a nipple i guess is the best way to describe it. Its black and seems to hav
  8. Man, that sucks. More money to spend I guess cause I don't want to break it before I can sell it, I am interested in one of these two to replace it. Troy Modular combat grip: http://www.21sttactical.com/images/P/SGRI-TRG-A0BT-00-2.jpg Tango Down w/ quick detach: http://www.topnotchtactical.com/images/products/small/QDVertGripBlk.jpg Could those of you that have had experience with either of these on the S12 tell me what you like about each one? I hate to spend that much on the foregrip but I don't want something thats just gonna fall apart when I shoot it.
  9. Hey all, I am putting finishing touches on my conversion and a while back I purchased a UTG ergonomic vertical foregrip and now I'm not quiet sure but I may regret the purchase. I don't have any experience with fore grips as I have no other gun that has one in my collection but I have this thing on the rail right now and I'm noticing there a good deal of wobble side to side and there's only a small plastic nub that secures it when you tighten it to the rail...did I just buy crap or what? Is this common with this fore grip. I really liked how it looked and how it feels I just don't want it to f
  10. I am set on the skeleton stock,also one2za thanks for the measurements. Can you tell me more about the holes you drilled in the pad? I like the look and have been curious about it having seen you post it other times. Does it make it squishier?
  11. Well on my AR it feels fine collapsed all the way in or all the way out haha. I'm just concerned about getting popped by the dust cover when shooting if i went with 7.5". I do intend to add the 1" recoil pad and a folding mechanism (later on for folder). Anyone have this setup that would be willing to measure the length from reciever, including internal reciever block, folding mechanism (without too if you got it like that), 7.5" or 8.5" stock and a 1" ace pad. Thanks.
  12. Hey all, I am in the process of converting my Saiga and I can't decide between the 7.5" Ace skeleton stock or the 8.5" one. I also intend to add the 1" recoil pad to either one which is why i was leaning toward the 7.5" stock but my question is what do you think is too little and too much? Would the 7.5 be too short coming out to about 8.5" of stock with the 1" pad and possibly adding a folding mechanism later on? I am concerned with it feeling too small and hitting my face on the back of the dust cover when I shoot high brass, I guess that shouldnt happen if I shoulder it properly but its jus
  13. I am also curious about the comparisons between these two specifically.
  14. Yeah I mean this one: Some interesting info here, anyone else? How would that Ace Cheek riser feel if i don't plan on putting a red dot or anything on this shotgun? would it put my line of sight up too high for the iron sights? Ruffian72 was this the one you were referring to on the DSA site? Looks like an option to me. http://www.dsarms.com/Customizable-ITC-Railrest-for-all-FAL-Para-----CR140A/productinfo/CR140A/
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