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  1. Uinta has a very good customer service dept. I encountered a small problem with my .308 mags and they fixed it right away.
  2. Did you sent the rifle to Dinzag? I really want a muzzle break on my 308.
  3. Muzzle Brake (14x1 LH): $10 shipped to your door. Tried once on my Yugo AK but I prefer the AK74 style's looks Stripper Clips: $13 shipped to your door for all Barrel Mounted Rail: $13 shipped
  4. I converted my Saiga 308 to a pistol grip so these 2 have to go. The handguard cones with all the screws but the buttstock don't. Good condition. Have some minor scuffs and signs of use (look at the pics). $65 for both shipped to your door
  5. Are you referring to me? My 308 wont cycle every 4 to 5 rounds with the Tula. I tried different mags with the same result. It runs fine with Brown Bear and Georgia Arms ammo
  6. My 308 doesn't seem to like Tula Ammo. I got the best performance from Georgia Arms ammo. My 308 loves it.
  7. I think I'm finally done with my my 308 for now. Before... After... Final Version... I'm still waiting for the 3 pack mag that I ordered from Uinta. I'm not sure though if the scope can hold it's zero from a 308 recoil.
  8. I am in South Florida, i want my 308 converted but i dont think i have the skills (and tools too) to do the conversion myself. Can someone here do it for me? Please pm me if you can help. Let me know how much and parts that i need to buy.
  9. I just bought one the other day and its on its way. I will post pics and my review too when I get it.
  10. They have the best price on a rifle I want but I cant find a recent review about the company. Here is a linky.. http://personalsecurityzone.com/
  11. Looking for a Saiga 308 or 7.62. I prefer to buy in person to check it out. Used or brand new is okay.
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