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    Super Vepr Scope Mount Idea

    Looks good. It'll look better when you paint it black Your spacer is almost begging for a rail to be mounted... My Hunter came with the same side mount. I thought it was too tall, so I took out the vertical spacer. I'm having a friend machine a horizontal spacer to center the rail. How much over did you move it to center it over the bore?
  2. AdioSS

    Considering Upgrades

    Check out the Tromix AK charging handle. I have that on my Hunter & really like it over the stock part.
  3. my first .22 pistol was a Heritage High Rider. It is tons of fun, especially with the .22 Magnum cylinder loaded The Beretta Neos is nice. My favorite .22LR to shoot is a Ceiner practice kit on a Beretta frame, but that wasn't cheap to build... http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w249/chestonphillips/public/D5C80A79-A37A-4F32-9ACA-E4A6DFD968E0-579-000000874BE9DB07.jpg
  4. AdioSS

    Hello People. I am a new VEPR owner

    what'd you get for the Draco? I've been wanting one of those for a while.
  5. AdioSS

    Super 308 for 1,219?

    At Centerfire they were originally around $900 then the panic hit raising the prices, but recently dropped back down for a few days before they shot back up again.
  6. AdioSS

    do veprs take akmags?

    I was shipped a VEPR x39 mag when I ordered a 308 mag. So, I'm reading here that it should work in my MAK-90, right?
  7. I picked up a .308 Hunter from my FFL yesterday that I ordered from Centerfire after they dropped the price & before it went back up again. I was checking it out & noticed that when the safety is engaged (on Safe) then I couldn't pull the bolt back. Then I got the idea of pulling the bolt back with it on Fire, putting it on Safe & seeing if the bolt would close. I found out that the safety does hold the bolt open pretty securely that way. Last night I took it apart to oil the stock & was looking at why it worked like that. I have no idea if this was done intentionally or not, but it seems to work. I wonder if it will hold up like that for when at the range? I also noticed that the trigger group has an overtravel stop built in. Mine was nowhere near where it should've been to function right. I went to adjust it in, but it was staked. So, I backed it out, used a stiff brush to make the threads on the screw usable again, screwed it in, adjusted, & then used a black paint marker on both ends of the screw to set it. And it is still in pieces, so no pics yet. I'm using some old Formby's High Gloss Tung Oil on the stock. I found the oil in some of my grandfather's gun stuff last year. The date on the bottle is 1980 which was when I was born. It was a bit dried up, but some rubbing alcohol seems to have brought it back well. I liked the results on my other 308 VEPR. Last night I was considering sending out the barreled receiver & some other parts to get refinished in something like CCR's Cera-Plate II or Robar's NP3 like some of my Berettas or their newer NP3 Plus.
  8. AdioSS

    Got my .308 VEPR "Carbine" today

    I didn't know about the total round count on them. & mine seems to take P-mags just fine. Maybe the previous owner trimmed back the gaskets a bit?
  9. AdioSS

    Got my .308 VEPR "Carbine" today

    I finally took a picture of my .308 VEPR with a few other of my centerfire rifle caliber weapons... http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w249/chestonphillips/public/6C1E6DE7-9316-46BE-9AC6-3A163C41D4E2-5004-0000046E06ACB016.jpg
  10. AdioSS

    Got my .308 VEPR "Carbine" today

    Got an email from Csspecs saying my order has been filled. Guess I need to buy some more ammor When that gets in, then I'll take a pic
  11. AdioSS

    Got my .308 VEPR "Carbine" today

    That's the same as a standard AK muzzle. That's good to hear
  12. Ordered from Centerfire Systems. It's got the old style sights. I wish I would've gone with the Integrated sights because my front sight post is canted just a bit. The muzzle isn't threaded either. I kinda wish I would've just gone with a Hunter model. Sure, it would've been 50% more expensive, but I would have gotten the longer ported fluted barrel, nicer trigger, nicer full stock, side mount included, etc. So, now I've gotta get the muzzle threaded, but I'm going to do the same for my MAK90.
  13. AdioSS

    Vepr Super 308 and Vepr 308 side by side

    I finally placed my order for a .308 VEPR today. They sold out of the longer barrel models a while back & only had the short barrels available. Maybe I'll pick up a Hunter in the future.
  14. AdioSS

    Vepr Super 308 and Vepr 308 side by side

    I'm on the fence about whether to get one or not & which one to get if I do. Is there any noticeable difference in accuracy? recoil? Have you considered trying a muzzle device on the standard model? I really like the Hunter model, but considering the price is 50% higher now, that's a tough bit to spend right now. The stock definitely looks nicer & it comes with a quality side mount rail.