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  1. DeerSlayer7600

    FTE trouble with my Saiga 12

    This gun still runs great with just the two .093 gas ports. No major trouble with any debris in them, just the normal plastic from the shot wads inside the gas block after running a bunch of rounds through it.
  2. DeerSlayer7600

    WTB Hornady .270 140gr SST ammo

    I am looking for any Hornady .270 Winchester 140gr SST ammunition. My remington 700 likes this the best out of everything I've tried so I would like to get some more. No stores have any in stock right now. I will pay to have it shipped. Thank You.
  3. DeerSlayer7600

    Single Shot NO detachable mag S-12... NY compliant.

    Two words, Civil Disobedience. That is all I'm going to say.
  4. DeerSlayer7600

    Performance Puck Quuestion

    I have an older CSS performance puck in my S12 and when I got it the website said to install it with the bump facing the op rod. Why is it that the newer ones have a smaller bump on them and the website now says to install with the bump facing the front of the gun?
  5. DeerSlayer7600

    A+ for HAVOK12

    Great product, great price, great shipping speed!
  6. DeerSlayer7600

    Need a front pistol grip that won't break for my Saiga 12....

    +1 I have the Magpul AFG2 on mine. Works very well. Recommended.
  7. DeerSlayer7600

    Krebs Sight Install - Help w/ Pictures Please.

    Alright, I put it in properly then. I have the insert in on mine because the rail I have gets in the sight picture if it's out.
  8. DeerSlayer7600

    Krebs Sight Install - Help w/ Pictures Please.

    I installed the Krebs sights on my S12 today. Had to cut nearly through the stock rear sight as well. I really like the new sights. I have one question though. Does it matter which way you put the rear aperture sight in, meaning pushing the aperture insert out towards the front of the gun or towards the rear of the gun?
  9. DeerSlayer7600

    S-12 PART OUT

    I'll take the Krebs sights. PM sent.
  10. DeerSlayer7600


    I've been doing a lot of reading about keeping Saiga 12 mags loaded and from what I've gathered, keeping them loaded in the gun will cause the shells to deform after a while. Am I correct in thinking then that if you keep the mag loaded but not in the gun that the shells will be fine and not deform?
  11. DeerSlayer7600

    Built myself a 700

    I've got some Federal Premium 150gr Sierra Gameking BTPSP ammo to try in it.
  12. DeerSlayer7600

    Built myself a 700

    I have it set right around 2.5lbs.
  13. DeerSlayer7600

    Built myself a 700

    It shot fairly well when I threw a cheap scope on it after I got it. I just put it together today and haven't shot it in this configuration yet.
  14. Started life as a 700 SPS DM. Remington Model 700 SPS DM Custom .270 Win. Bell & Carlson Medalist Sporter stock, Timney 510 trigger, Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44mm, Warne Rings and Bases, Caldwell XLR 9"-13" Bipod.
  15. DeerSlayer7600

    Uncle Mike's Picatinny Sling Swivel

    I went ahead and ordered it. I will report back on it when I get it.