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  1. *Corrected, If I may. If I had the cash, I'd buy one or two, and I don't (yet) have an S12!
  2. Darn! I have decided I like mine.. and was considering making another purchase before the next price-hike. Good ol' procrastination got me again!
  3. PM sent, I've got a take-off laying around.
  4. What did that run you? I have thought about getting one, but haven't had good luck with tritium sights. Not sure it's fair to assume it would transfer, but I can't shoot squat with them on my glock, but the white stock sights are a magnet for my eyes. Also, doesn't that make your pin much larger/wider? This was just a cure for the dremel itch.. needed to tinking with something asap, no time to wait around, lol. at least I didn't get it out of my system by stippling my glock's grip : E Got a photo? I'm not visualizing that well..I was thinking it might be cool to turn
  5. LOL, haven't seen that one before!
  6. I'd be honored, please do! (though I'm sure it's been done by many before me). Took her to the range today, as I finally purchased a front sight tool(didn't feel like using a hammer) and recoil buffer for the slightly bothersome rear trunion smashing . What a difference, Had no problem shooting a 7-8" group at 100 yards from the bench(which is good for me.. i'm still in the spraying ammo phase, it's too much fun, rather than working on marksmanship.) The buffer, as much as I hated tainting the gun with something to foreign, totally changed the recoil! it seems to have lessened t
  7. I like that stray dog! Just after I posted, I started thinking about a v-notch..
  8. Been having trouble picking up my sites lately. Realized I still had the factory FSB take-off, so I took out the pin, padded the threads with some tape, and cinched it down inside my hand drill's chuck. A couple minutes of holding a metal file to it, and then some fine grade sandpaper, and I've got this: Not sure if it will really be easier/faster to pickup and keep track of or not. I'm debating whether or not to polish it, or maybe paint it.. So, what mods have you done to your sights?
  9. Wouldn't that destroy the spring!? flexing it past normal limit of elasticity can't be good for its lifespan, can it?
  10. Thanks for all the input fellas. School has me busy, so the range trip may take some time. I used brake cleaner. Nasty stuff and rough on your skin, but works pretty well. I had heard boiling worked.. but didn't have a big enough pot. I'd sell you a few, but would want to charge you a commission. so you could just as easily purchase them directly from AimSurplus.
  11. Since AIM mags keep popping up as recommendations in several forums I frequent I snapped a few photos of mine and thought we could talk about them. If you already have some, please share how they fit and function in your saiga, and any other opinions you've formed about them. If you are considering ordering some, stick around to for some info. Sold off most of the last batch of mags I bought from AIM surplus(the commercial made new bulgarian mags . ( I had trouble with rusting seeping from underneath the side slabs..bothered my OCD. ) They all arrived looking brand new. The a
  12. Won't lie. Looks were about 80% of the reason I installed one. I just like 'em. Lots people argue that for semi-auto they aren't much of any help to begin with. As mentioned above, I have heard they are one of the better brakes, and I liked the whole '74 look, so it was natural to install it with all the other hardware when doing the front end conversion.
  13. Some pening on the back of the botl carrier, and the gnashing of the bolt carrier to the rear trunion made it a little stick to remove the recoil spring.. will this slow/stop after some breaking in?
  14. I was thinking of doing the tire and string to the trigger method, but couldn't come up with an old tire. I was given an old Kit black powder pistol. I'll be nervous trying that one out once I figure out what I need to do to get it up and running.
  15. well, after seeing some photos of it happening, I wasn't afraid of a total gun blowup. I had myself shielded pretty well, plus basic safety stuff, so I wasn't too worried.
  16. well... Kinda got fed up and just decided to get an answer the quick way. Doubled up on ears, glasses, and positioned myself so i could shoot with some wood between me and brake should I get some splatter in the event of a strike. Not a problem. So, one more post claiming a '74 brake is OK with a 30 cal rifle. Guess my FSB/threading is concentric with barrel. Thanks for all the advice and suggestions guys!
  17. Wow, what an idea! Never thought of that! Would it really function ok without the piston? I even have an extra '74 carrier sitting around.. Yeah, i lived in MD for a while, and would have been completely legal to take my AK out hunting with a 30rnd mag, only reason I didn't was due to one regulation, I didn't have the right ammo. (can't use FMJs, wouldn't want to either). But good luck getting a carry permit, or buying magazines with 20+ capacity. (owning 30rnd ak mags was ok, just not purchased from within the state..)
  18. I did have trouble with the camera, but here are a few shots of the brake installed. Nothing jumps out as being "off" but its hard to eyeball.
  19. Alright, Maybe some of you can figure out this chicken scratch. After seeing Red's editing, I notice that its not just the inner "baffle"(not sure what its called) that is off center. but also the walls of the "protruding tip" of the brake. Did some measuring with calipers. (all I've got) and here is what I came up with. (hopefully its follow-able, didn't think i could explain clearly in words.) If I made any errors maybe you all can point them out. Left side I measured the I.D. of bore, zeroed calipers and measured from ID on one side, to "outside" diameter on the other.(sti
  20. My surplus brake appears to be drilled off center! Is it just my eyes? I was planning to do a home chop job, and drill it out so its safe(er) to use on my 7.62x39 saiga. I'm thinking starting off center and then widening it might cause accuracy issues.. What do you fellas think? Maybe its worth tracking down a local machine whop who can do this on a lathe? I've really maxed out my budget and was hoping i wouldn't have to put anymore money into this gun to get it up and running.
  21. Thanks for the quick answer Chile! Factory sight seemed just fine from my shooting before. Gonna go grab a hammer right now!
  22. Don't take my post as truth without further investigation, But I think more overhang(BG being closer towards magazine) is better for feeding a shorter bullet(hollowpoints)
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