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  1. I do not know of any ezloader for these. However I am quite proficient at loading them. Basically insert the round about 1/2 inch from the back of the magazine and push down and back at the same time. Don't worry after a few times this becomes second nature.
  2. impaler13355


    I got a set of weld on hk sights and while i dont have them on yet (Dont want to be out of my gun for a few weeks this summer) I can tell I am going to like them a lot better then the stock ones.
  3. Looking for a chaos tri rail for the s12. PM me
  4. Aww hell ill take one of those bandoleers. PM coming
  5. Alright so this is a little embarissing i was helping my father convert his 7.62 saiga and its complete. (Looks great by the way) We were going through and wanting to shape the handguard a little bit. Took it off and cut a little into it and were going to vent it. Turns out we didnt know that the pin at the front is actually important to mount the hand guard and we cut a little to far back in the forgrip so the pin cannot hold the fron part of it on. So basically just wondering if anyone has an extra one for sale i looked in the For Sale section on the forums and couldnt find any from abou
  6. Id imagine that there are probably trays for that as well.
  7. I just saw it and thought if you havent seen it you may enjoy it.
  8. impaler13355


    Missing pieces on autoplug
  9. Well like i said it may be due to the guns that i am used to using. Whenever i shoot my dads ar i always extend the stock to almost the end. But its most likely because i have grown up on long guns,
  10. Do you have the ace or stormwerks one?
  11. I was planning on getting the folding mechanism but that looks to add about 1/2 an inch. I really dont like the look of the tapco collapsing stock. But it would be nice to see what length is the best for me.. I guess i will go ahead and try the folding mechanism and see if that is any better. If not ill slap in a block and see how that sits. Thanks
  12. So i finally got around to converting my s12 and getting it pretty much how i want it. However i am a large guy 6'5" and i feel as if the gun is a little on the short side. I put a ace 8.5 inch skeleton on it with a 1/2 recoil pad and i feel way to close to the back of the gun. Is it normal for it to feel so close? I guess my only other experiences with shotguns are my dads A5's and a couple 870's but i just feel like im gonna hit myself whenever i shoot it. How would an aluminium block fare in between the stock and back of the gun? I have a few 1 inch pieces of aluminum i was going to try
  13. Maybe not "zombies" Like reanimated dead. But if its something like 28 days/weeks later. I suppose it could be possible.
  14. Im in no way an expert but from everything i have read your gun should NOT shoot the bulk cheap stuff on setting 1.
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