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  1. 10:00AM Central Sunday July 8 2012 Nope... Google is still off my computer I did find Google shopping usefuI and had used Chrome with satisfaction till this came along. I have switched to firefox and am not completly satisfied with it but I'll get used to it. I told Google why I dumped them (not that a zealot cares what I do)
  2. wasn't sure if you were being serious.... http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/features/bath-salts-drug-dangers
  3. I decided to leave mine in, (but trimmed). I like it because I can leave the mag in and the bolt locked back with truck carry, there is no question if it is loaded or not
  4. I had heard of this happening, but I have also heard that even with the e-clip gone, the pin will not move under spring pressure. But, I already decided on a contingency should this become an issue for me. I would make a new longer pin from drill rod and cross drill it for cotter pins. with the variations in manufacturing AKs, that makes them ridiculously reliable, it would be unrealistic to fabricate an aftermarket part that will fit 100% of every AK out there. I have had zero issues with mine though
  5. No such thing as a "regular Marine" Semper Fi USN 83-89
  6. here is a copy of a post I am involved in elsewhere. if this is against the rules, sorry just trying to pass relevant information The TWS is an outstanding product. there seems to have been some hiccups in filling the large amount of orders...I am confident that things will work out for them. if it were me, I would exercise patience and wait it out here is a recent response straight from the horses mouth. Originally Posted By Rafaga: Hey Guys, Ok, so I can appreciate that some of you are P.O.’d at me and deservedly so. Please accept my apologies for the scarce com
  7. i use Missouri bullet co. 200gr LSWC on top of W231 exclusively
  8. I don't think you'll need a riser for a dot and/or irons. It's when you go for a rifle scope that you'll need a riser YMMV
  9. that's what I did as well... except I didn't re-install the FSB
  10. I understand what your looking to do. You may want to look at mcmaster carr (mcmaster.com) and look at the DOM (drawn over madrel) steel tube. I don't know if you'll find anything suitable as for ID goes but that's the first thing that popped into my head
  11. #36 drill for a 6-32 or 7/64 fractional or .10650"
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