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  1. I've had to virtually throw in the towel, too. Now, red dots live on all of my long arms. Magnification where needed. I did find relief for awhile with the rear aperture sight solution, but, my 56 year old eyes seem to be fading, and, the iron apertures are getting a little harder to use, damnitallanyway... Red dots and magnifying scopes are my new BFF(s). Oh, BTW, I just had to put a scope on my pellet gun. Gettin' old ain't fer sissies.
  2. I've done this on a number of occasions at me mum's place. And, yes, she lives in the middle of a forest, miles away from so-called "civilization". I'd rather burn up a couple of boxes of ammo, rather than crawl my fat, 56 YO ass up a 50' tall pine tree. *shiver* Besides, mom gets a giggle out of it, so, it's ammo well spent. Also, I'm glad I ran across this thread. I have to do some more "tree trimming" when I go up in a couple of weeks. Guess I need to go order some more Wolf or Ranger slugs, like, right now. Ammunition Depot has the Winchester Ranger slugs, in case y'all need some
  3. Ixquick is my answer to those asswipes. No snooping allowed on where I go and what I do on the 'net. Fuck you, google.
  4. Hot damn! This place is a freakin' laugh riot tonight. What the hell did they put into the water?
  5. My God! I haven't laughed so hard in AGES! Thanks, Ak Monty! Damn, and I was having such a good time laughing at this SS debacle. I'm afraid this has rendered that good time almost moot. Ain't much gonna touch that McUzi rant. Awesome!
  6. That sound you'll soon hear is the lid being slammed down on the nookie jar. Ya might wanna buy some flea killer since your new home will likely be the doghouse.
  7. Mike U.


    Ssshhhh! Me too. Don't tell anybody.
  8. Our local commymedia down here is milking it for all it's worth. They continually refer to his .22 as "an assault rifle". May these stupid fucks swallow their lying tongues on air. Hope I'm watching as it happens.
  9. Mike U.


    Is there a slow ammo boat from Russia due in anytime soon? The hoarders have got to be maxing out those credit cards by now. JEESH!
  10. I have an ATI stock as mentioned above. I just went to where I bought it, CSS, and see it's no longer listed. Too bad, I like the stock.
  11. Yeah, gotta keep beating that "Assault Rifle" drum. Too many people are waking up to the commie media's tactics, as they are guided along by fed.gov. They are rapidly shifting into desperation mode now. Their gun grab plans are melting away faster than ice cream on a hot Florida summer day.
  12. Making friends with the local clan of Bigfoot. That damned 10' gray hair is a fucking prankster. Scared the shit outta me twice recently when he stepped in front of the window I was closing. He needs a bitch slap, but, not from me. I don't have a ladder that tall. Oh, yeah. I also stopped taking some of my meds, just for fun.
  13. The public schools are all beholden to the teachers asscociations, and they all suck the federal tit for money. Your comunity really has little to nothing to do with how your schools are run. Think about it....when is the last time you saw a school levy on your local ballet for voting on? And if you did see one, when is the last time one passed? Communities have turned over control to the federal government, and this is what you get.. Thank you NEA. I hear you, but here, part of my property tax goes to the schools. And, you are right about the NEA. I see them as a bunch of ultra far lefti
  14. Thanks! I never knew that. I will remember this when I get another Strikefire. I've been contemplating getting one for my 870.
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