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  1. My first go at my bolt, need more polishing compund and I'l give it some more..
  2. My newly converted 5.45 in cammo green. Nice and small, light and easy to maneuver..
  3. No need for cheek/chin weld with an EOtech, after all it's not a scope.
  4. DaveinCT

    Saiga 5.45

    My newly converted 5.45 to go along with my converted 308.
  5. Got out to shoot this bad boy for the first time since I bought it and converted it. It was dead nuts at 200 yards straight off!! My Gun clubs 200 yard range has a 12"x12" metal gong out on the berm. I hit that thing 8 of 10 shots with little effort. My buddies, one of them works the shop I bought the gun from, where completely impressed. They all gave her a run and loved it, one of them whom is an Iraq war vet wants to buy it.
  6. Finally got my hands on a new saiga 12 but being in CT I can't put a pistol grip on it!!! the threaded barrel and detachable Mag put me at my assault limit!!!! My 308 on the other hand, converted and love it..
  7. I've got a SOCOM 16, love this baby and love the M1A style altogether!!...
  8. There is a very significant difference in potency between a 16 inch 308 and a 16 inch 7.62x39. The longer barreled Saiga is too front heavy, especially if you want to add a muzzle device. I'd say 18 inches would be a great compromise in terms of velocity and handling. I know the 308 will still be above the 7.62 with equal 16" barrels but it does take away it's muzzle velocity and I just can't see compromising the 308 round for barrel length. 18" would be nice, the 22" can get front heavy. I have a SOCOM 16 M1A in 308 and plan on comparing them side by side very soon and I truly exp
  9. It's not accuracy that is the problem with the short barrel on the 308, it's the muzzle velocity lost due to shorter barrel that neuters the 308 round. I bought the 22" 308 because I wanted a 308 that hit hard like a 308 should. If Barrel length was my selling point and wanted a 16" barrel I would have went with 7.62x39mm. My suggestion to all you guys thinking of cutting your 22" barrels, don't do it. Go get a cheaper to shoot 7.62 and you'll have ABOUT the same ballistics.
  10. Thank you. Ya, that is the Tapco butt, my foregrip was back ordered..The butt shorten the gun a good bit and must say the 308 barrel is a heavy son of a bitch!!!
  11. She is done, very happy just waiting on the back ordered fore grip.
  12. One thing I've noticed on the video which is a 7.62x39mm, there are 2 rivets holding the trigger in place. My 308 has no rivets for the trigger. Anyone that's converted a 308 help me out here.
  13. I just placed my order for this kit, Will keep you guys posted on my results. Should have the kit by next Thursday and I'll be fitting this baby ASAP.. I really liked the AR style stocks but I just couldn't do it to an AK style weapon.. http://store.carolin...SION-KIT/Detail
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