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  1. Brand New in Package Promag 10 Round Saiga 12 drum 180$ Shipped Paypal as gift or +3%. Discrete
  2. I agree I will be sending him my S12 very soon. What kind of brake are you having attached?
  3. Interesting. Before I opened up my ports and got my gun 100% I was considering using 11lb 1911 springs as replacements. Have heard of that working as well. I have a performance spring but it did not help until I opened up the ports. Could have save myself the bloody knuckles and just put 2 springs in. good work.
  4. I would like to add a Tromix Mini Monster brake to my S12. I do not however want to add almost 4 inches to my barrel length. I would prefer to have the barrel cut, threaded and the brake permanently attached for an overall legal barrel length. I would do this myself, but it is my understanding that in order for me to do this legally, I would have to press out the barrell before cutting it in order to not break any laws. I do not have the tools or desire to press out the barrel myself. I currently have a 19 inch S12. Gun has been converted, gas port work has been done and gun runs great. I
  5. I found someone selling a Mitchell arms m90. It looks to be in 99% condition. Possibly unfired from what I can tell. What is a good price for this rifle?
  6. Nevermind.... Found this thread: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/17824-please-help-diagnose-a-chronic-fte-problem/page__st__60
  7. CGW warranty work was done last year but still having FTEs with low power loads. I have a 3 port gun. CGW in their receipt to me said they opened all three ports to .096. When I try and insert a 3/32 drill bit it will not fit at all. Is a 3/32 bit slightly bigger than .096? I realize there is a metric/standard conversion to account for. Everything I have read says a three port gun should be drilled out with a 3/32 bit? Thanks
  8. Ahhh good call.... My brain was backwards. Will file it down at the range and see what happens. Thanks
  9. Buy the lacquer sticks from brownells. You can also get them on ebay or amazon for cheaper. Sharpen the tips if the end is too wide. It dries hard like oil paint and is much better than crayons or white out. Crayons are for kids and white out is for secretarys.
  10. Found your thread here from the sksboard and our Pms. Love the build and my Chinese SKS bullpup build has officially begun. Dropped her off to the smith today for the barrel cutting, crowning and J-Tac47 weld on work. Hopefully in a few months I will have some pics to post. Thanks for the inspiration and great pics.
  11. It is shooting high not low. I need to bring the front sight post up.
  12. I know I started this thread over a year ago but I never got them zeroed in after many trips to the range. Everything is shooting high, if it was a little high it would be ok but it is quite a bit high. Which part of the rail are you saying I should remove? I am trying to bring the front sight tip up or the rear sight opening down? Both?
  13. +1 for centurion slugs cant beat the price and they fit in the MD20. Never had a problem with them
  14. pretty sure I got mine for 80$ new. I thought MDarms was selling them for that a while back
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